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December Theme Reading

Jane Austen

Possibly the best reading month in  the year!



  1. Persuasion, Jane Austen
  2. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
  3. Love and Freindship and Other Early Works, Jane Austen

You can now spend the night in the world’s first library hotel/By Sarah Biddlecombe




“Any bookworm worth their salt will be familiar with the nightly dilemma of needing to go to sleep, but also really needing to read just one more page/chapter/the rest of a good book.

If this sounds like you, then get ready to absolve your guilt around your reading addiction and chuck out the idea of sleep altogether with a stay at the world’s first ever library hotel.

Situated in Tokyo, the Book And Bed hotel is a veritable book-lovers dream, with wooden shelves crammed full of books interspersed with cosy bed nooks and private lamps to let you keep reading long into the night.”

Photo and Article by Stylist Books


Caribbean American Heritage Month



 About Us 

The Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS), founded in 1993,  is the Architect and Campaign Chair for Commemoration of June as National Caribbean American Heritage Month. ICS is a non-partisan, non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization founded by Dr. Claire A. Nelson.

The premiere Caribbean American Think/Do Tank, ICS seeks to address development problems facing Caribbean peoples, and to adopt a thorough, systematic and coordinated long-term perspective towards their resolution.

Since its inception, ICS has been on the forefront of the challenge to bring attention to the issues of critical importance to the Caribbean American community, which is estimated at approximately 10 million. ICS represents an important role in history as the first Caribbean-American community organization in the Washington DC area devoted to the successful inclusion of Caribbean-Americans in US policy making, and the economic development of the Caribbean region.

National Caribbean American Heritage Month Programming continues to be led by ICS with the support of National Commemorative Committee.

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Article: The battle of Ninian and the forgotten Welsh football giants

Welsh Football

“Cans, bottles and paper rolls pour onto the pitch as outraged Welsh fans express their displeasure at referee Rudi Glockner, with Brian Flynn trying to calm the situation”

The battle of Ninian and the forgotten Welsh football giants

Sharing another Sports History story for Physical Fitness and Sports month.

History Of The First Ancient Olympic Games|

Ancient Olympic Games

© Via

I know, I know Rio 2016 is in August however one of the observations for May is Physical Fitness and Sports. Apart from reading books on the this theme, I will share with you Sports History. Here is a snippet about the history of the ancient Olympic Games:

According to historical records, the first ancient Olympic Games can be traced back to 776 BC. They were dedicated to the Olympian gods and were staged on the ancient plains of Olympia. They continued for nearly 12 centuries, until Emperor Theodosius decreed in 393 A.D. that all such “pagan cults” be banned.


Of course more information awaits you on Olympic.Org

Helping Kids all over the World- #Dancember


Hungry children. No children should ever ever go without food and it is just heartbreaking hearing the stories of starvation from around the world.

I share with you a yearly fundraising project  by YouTube vloggers called Dancember. They come together with family and friends dancing  in their homes and in public for viewers enjoyment and asking for any donations that people are moved to give. This year they are dancing to aid in fighting hunger in children. Take a look at the video above.

Impressive Libraries

Impressive Libraries

The   Admont  Library in Admont, Austria Via Business Insider

One of my interest is architecture especially old buildings, however I do like modern but unique ones. Now since I love reading, I am always interesting in not only book/digital content but the physical structure housing them  around the world. I came across some impressive building (for me) not because of their sheer size however the materials used to build, the layout/design, the site etc.

I leave you with 18 Libraries Every Book Lover Should Visit In Their Lifetime by Asta Thrastardottir from Business Insider. Prepare yourself for soft sounds escaping your mouth.

Republishing Hiltler’s Mein Kampf/Ben Brumfield CNN


Mein KampfThere may be no taboo greater in Germany than to republish Adolf Hitler manifesto’s, “Mein Kampf.” But historians in Munich are about to break it.

The Institute for Contemporary History is reprinting the murderous dictator’s book and will sell it in bookstores for 59 euros ($63) a copy, starting in January.

It will not appear in its original form but will be heavily annotated to expose the “lies, half-truths and vicious tirades,” the institute says, behind a Nazi vision of hostility that ended in the deaths of tens of millions of people in World War II.”

The above excerpt is part of a CNN article,you should read more here.

 1820: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex

Moby Dick

The Sinking Of Essex (a whaling ship) via National Geographic History

On November 20, 1820, the American whaling ship Essex was rammed by a sperm whale and sunk. The incident inspired Herman Melville’s famous novel Moby Dick.

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