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What Happen To Dreams?


                             ÁWá photograph via Wikimedia.org

What happened to all the dreams as a child, the simple ones to develop a career, providing for myself?

What happened to the days of planning in a journal what I will do by age 25, 30 and so on?

What happened to all the fruits that should fall from hard work?

What happened to 2015 turning into my year?

The answers: NOTHING.

NOTHING good comes out of people like me, the people who be even mad at my struggle. Can you imagine people being jealous of a struggling, suffering person? Is that what the world has turned.

Then you have the ex boyfriend who messed up but will not leave you alone and his girlfriend who is adamant that you are the one who is after him. Someone needs a reality check.

This is not a piece for encouragement or inspiration. It is a frustrated words that need venting.



The Year of Me: Deal The Fuck With It


2015 I grew up on the premise of sacrificial,selfless love

which carried me to empty fields and broken dreams.

This year, I am taking a bit of selfishness with me.

My mouth is split just as yours,

so if I have to jump over your head for my bread

get out of my way.

Especially if you are among the many who are building bricks walls on my chances.

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