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Biggest Bada$$/ Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

Hello, hope Wednesday finds you well in a new book discussion. This week for Top 5 Wednesday we talk about the biggest badasses, you know the characters who made you pause and possibly go “damnn.” :D. Come read about a Historical Fiction Badass, a Biblical Badass, a Victorian Badass, a Western Badass and a History Badass.

Let us dive into it:

1.Deidre in Lady Danger by Glynnis Campbell (historical fiction badass)

Historical Fiction

A Scottish warrior maiden who help defend the family castle along with her sisters. A father is of age and no longer able to go about normal lord duties. Deidre is no-nonsense on and off the battle field, also acting as overseer in the house decisions. Then comes along Pagan, a King soldier who is just as headstrong and badass. Let us call them the badass couple.


2.Jezebel from Top 100 Women of the Bible by Pamela McQuade (biblical badass)

Biblical Women

She influence her husband Ahab to accept the worship of pagan gods, spreading the religious practise to the children of Israel. In addition, she ordered the death of  many of God’s prophets. That was not enough for Jezebel, to gain a plot of land for her husband, Jezebel setup landowner Naboth to face false accusation of cursing God and the king. In the end Naboth was stoned to death. After  Ahab died in battle, Jezebel continued her control through her sons but she did die a badass death

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