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Charles Dickens’s Mr. Micawber

Charles Dickens

“As illustrated in a 1912 edition of the book” via en.wikipedia.org

Did You Know?

Many posit the view that one of the character of the book David Copperfield   written by Charles Dickens is a portrayal of his father, John Dickens. As a boy Charles father became a ward at a debtors prison and the character  Mr. Micawber suffers the same fate. In addition, they both fit are good-hearted people but not capable to handle the ups and downs of the world. Hence,  John Dickens seems like an inspiration for Mr. Micawber.

The End

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Born Of Persuasion [A Book Review]


A Book Review

Deliciously scandalous!

The author writes with a style that hooked me until the end. A style so addictive which resulted in lost sleep and a death stare to anyone who dared interruptions. The words flowed with lovely crafted sentences such as “that first sob rent its silk envelope, releasing the reservoir of tears,” left me thirsty for more. In addition, the use of foreshadowing by Julia [the narrator] in some instances made my bookish blood curl in suspension and cruelty. I had to keep reading to find out more about an atheist daughter attachment to a vicar. Dadum da dum, the plot thickens.

The characters dance to Victorian wars of propriety and class which reminds me of Mrs. Bennet, Anne Elliot, Miss Havisham, Jane Eyre and Charles Bingley. Even the times I loathe some character’s decision, the mannerism of that character still created a satisfactory response. Edward caught my eyes, to be honest I waited with bated breath for Julia’s safety because of Mr. Vicar. When he calls her Juls, my heart dripped, dripped and the note he sent via his boy Caleb flustered so many emotions from my dramatic heart. The letter is way up there with Captain Wentworth [Persuasion- Jane Austen] mouth full to Anne. When Chance Macy stepped into Julia’s life, I murmured choice words at the author.

The author toyed with my mind with all the plot twist. They slammed several times in this novel and my eyes popped with madness. Nothing is as it seems and at times I questioned even my beloved Edward. It certainly does not help that the story ends with a damn cliff hanger. Oh the disappointment, after all the heart pounding from carriage journey, stolen kisses and locked doors, I deserved more than a mere cliff hanger!

Another Book review for Reading Month 2015. Have you read Born of Persuasion by Jessica Dotta? Tell me about a book you read that left you so excited, nervous and/or angry :).