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Revealed: The 21 new UNESCO World Heritage sites for 2016/ Hazel Plush, Travel writer


“This year’s additions to the Unesco World Heritage list have just been announced, after a four-day annual pow-wow in Istanbul. While the criteria for making the list sound quite dry – the roll call includes historical significance, legacy and common heritage – the shortlist is anything but. A big hit of culture awaits…”



UNESCO Heritage Sites


A Brief History of Some Walls: Roman Wall of Lugo

Lugo Wall

Source: Lala Lugo via Wikicommons

The Lugo Wall is the only urban defensive wall of Roman Empire origin still intact and complete: its 5 original gates or portas [False, Miñá, San Pedro, Santiago and Nova] and 46 towers stand with great impression. It is for this reason in year 2000 it became part of the World Heritage Site Family but before that period, specifically in 1921, the Lugo Wall became a National Monument.[1] Today, the Roman Wall would not exist if many persons like Engineer major-general Felipe Paz, received permission to knock down the wall for city growth. It is safe to say that people of Galicia, Spain are extremely pleased that the wall stayed intact because it is not only a pleasing monument but also a major income earner for the area. Many tourist travel from far and year exploring the wall and explore the sites within reach.

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