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Guarding My Heart [An Alphabet Poem]

Don"t play with my heart

Source: aliirfaan.deviantart.com

An array of thoughts

Babbling through my ever so

Cautious mind. Should I

Delve into your world of

Erupting crazy

Fissure red-hot emissions or slide through to the

Glaciers on the other side of

Halt to the three four?

Inquiry mind of mine

Just needs to

Know am I as appreciated as your

Lust, love:

Makes it seem.

Nodding your head in the heat

Of passion does not

Provide a justified answer.

Questions I do have the

Right to ask for my heart


To keep me safe and for the sanity of my thoughts

Urging me to dissect the

Very deep core of your

Wavering attitude. I will

X-ray every emotion, every

Yearning my heart, my body gives before I get to that

Zone of comfort.

Even In My Work


Remembering You

I am editing my work on slavery and a fierce flashback, overcomes me.

You were there at that period of a major freak out when that crucial deadline loomed over my head.

You stayed up to help me make sense out of nonsense.

I find memories of you everywhere, even in my work.

Can you at least give me one space for clean breathing?

Yes, it is selfish after the fact but even you can understand that sometimes distance is best.

Sad, I was the one who started that rift valley but look where it got me.

Back to remembering you in the oddest of places whilst doing the strangest thing: Editing.



Missing You


I stay under the covers a little extra while my mind roams,
I am smiling whilst I am thinking about you.
I miss you, I miss talking to you both online and in person.
I never said it to you but the way you smile is magnificent and you have an absolutely cute nose.
The image of your smile creates warmth saturated with chills that freaks the hell out of me.
I miss your persistency, the thrill of being questioned and dodging it.
I absolutely miss being called MJ.
Time ticks away on the hand of the clock, ticking closer to the time when I will see again.
Ticking, ticking, tick-ing, time and place define everything, time when I change to somebody else when I am around you.
Is it you who facilitated that transformation or is it time and you being captured in the revolving time change?
The real person that I am is suffocating beneath years of burdensome decay and this butterfly does not like  the  caterpillar life any more.
Gosh! I love watching you smile( I need to say it again), it is like watching a flower opening, simply breathtaking.
An attachment is growing, I was terribly scared and mad about it before but now I am less scared.
Constantly I ask myself, “Are you crazy!”
But it happened, can’t turn back the hands of the clock and even if I could, I doubt the circumstances would have been any different.