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Celebrating 8 Women In History & Historical Fiction


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Happy International Women’s Day! I share with you the eight (8) novels of History and the Historical Fiction Genre, which speaks on the role of women in contributing to their home community and/or the wider community.
1. Eva Gore Booth, The Other Sister: The Remarkable Sybling of Constance Markievicz by llpix.com (Illustrator), Cindy Davi
A short explanation of the role of women in the Easter Rising in Ireland. Whilst Constance physical presence is known concerning the events of the Easter Rising in Ireland perhaps little is spoken of her other sister Eva whose contribution is still similar. Eva is noted as part of the movement for women suffrage in Ireland as well as heretical recording of historical events. Her encouragement to not only her sister but fighting men is recommendable. These pages also gives more insight into the Land Acts of 1881, negative and positive of the role of land owners.

2. Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Ann Jacobs
Another confirmation of the cruelties of slavery and the nonchalant attitude of most Northerners to such inhumane treatment. This memoir also highlights few good souls of the North who risked their reputation and family to help out fugitive enslaved. This account offers an insight into the life of a coloured enslaved whose family were thrust mainly into house slavery. It is extremely moving and conjures mind boggling questions.

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Books With Hard Topics/ Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

This week’s Top 5 Wednesday looks at books with “hard topics” such as violence, sexual assault, mental illness etc. In others words books which made you pause in disgust or wary mode and not the flattering “awww.”

Let us dive into it:

1.The King’s Daughter by Barbara Kyle

A rape scene that  made me turn to the other page because I could not finish reading  the page of the leading lady, Isabel. To make matters worst it was the beginning of her downhill battle.

2. Wings of Glass by Gina Holmes

Penny is a woman in a domestic abusive relationship who is hanging on by a thin thread for her life and sanity. She is pregnant…

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