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Appreciating Books/ Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

Happy Wednesday morning dear readers, it is lovely to have you for another Top 5 Wednesday meme. Today I will share with you books that I am thankful for since they influenced my reading choice or made me fall even more in love with a particular aspect of  the arts. I do not only love books: the way they smell, feel under my touch but I love reading so I am happy to make a formal tribute and say thank you to five books. Bare with me, I am not coco for coco puffs but through reading, from a girl I found a best friend in books. Are you interested in participating in the weekly Wednesday meme? If yes  please do join us on the Goodreads Group.

Let us dive into it:

1.The Complete Novels of Jane Austen:

Jane Austen


Although I have  some of the stories as separate copies, I like the volume novel because it is easier to use if I am doing a project encompassing all the books. Although it is thick, it is a worth it fall on your nose hurts you for hours heavy book. The plus side of this volume is my introduction to Lady Susan which became one of my most like Jane Austen reads. I really appreciate Jane Austen style of writing because of the wit fuse with the type of characters in a 19th century European setting. Jane Austen writing to me is a sort of window looking into the middle class behavior of the Georgian/Regency Era. It is fascinating to me that Jane Austen style of writing became labelled romantic when her writing was more  a tamer version of  Violet, the matriarch of Downton Abbey.




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