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Ugly Duckling/Swan Like Love


We climb many mountains of relationship hazards but we slide down many times landing on our rear end but the important lesson is we came off that slope. As long as we continue to hold each other hands gliding down, there is hope we will survive.

We swam in the valleys of relationship shark desolations, avoiding sharp edge self-help obstacles of the defined norm of a relationship but the good situation is we defined what our relationship comprises, not the standard of relationship experts or ‘nonperts.’

We will go through our challenges: the ugly and the good but like the Ugly Duckling we will raise to the happy after occasion. We know that all the teasing and rejection was a process to get to the happy stage of our lives.

We heard the opinions of many people, some loose mouths with no sane judgement or reasoning about us but we placed them on the back burner. Instead we took the wise words of many others who made meaning contributions in our growth from strolling—>walking—> jogging traits of relationship.

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