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The Tycoon’s Revenge [A Book Review]


A Book Review

There is a good story in there about Jasmine and Derek’s lost years because of their misunderstanding and Jasmine’s father’s deceit. There is a good story of a father reuniting with his son after losing ten years [never mind the way they meet and the conversation soon after is very awkward]. However, it is clouded with the author’s quest to keep the misunderstanding a misunderstanding until the end of the story. A simple direct conversation quarter way through the novel, could clear all that unnecessary drama. If the author thought she would lack material, she could focus on the worker at the newly acquired Titan Medical howling out revenge at Derek. The author could even explore more in the relationship between Jasmine and her father. Even tap more deviously into Amy’s quest to have Derek.

Clearly, the story has potential but the author chose to introduce Derek’s cousins in such a non connective way and the sex scenes were blah. At one point I said, the novel is an excuse to have sex scenes between Jasmine and Derek. It seemed the focus of the story started flattering way. They both claim self control and the tendency to be head strong yet fall into each other’s pants when they do not want to? Really?[By the way Rated M for Mature scenes]. I was so disappointed that the author chose the table method for the couple’s first sex act after 10 years. Only the last chapter sort of saved the connection as a romance and not just sexual chemistry.

I was disappointed that the author introduced Jasmine as an independent and determined woman, yet she allowed Derek to control everything in her life. From her body to her future and backed it up with the good of her son. Really? I am disappointed that Derek to the very end used the church setting and his dad to execute revenge on Jasmine, yet convinced himself that he is tortured whether he love her or not and suddenly, he understood and his love shine brighter than before.

Another post for Reading Month 2015. Have you read this novel? please do share with me your views.