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STOMPING!: Axe Dropping Drama

Undo the drama when the axe drop? Poetry

Source: urbanmoms.typepad.com

I knew it! Things were moving along to smoothly, this is my world after all, things bum and crash.

Here all along waiting for the axe of disappointment to drop and oh how my heart constricted.

Did my thinking, bring this diversion my way or is this the part which calls for acceptance.

After all life is perfectly imperfect.

Does happiness really exist in my arena?

At the time I though your ions would fuse with mine, in time for a perfect explosion.

You dropped this bombshell on me, it is raining Baghdad 2008 over her, umbrella up!

This is how Yanukovych feels now, breathing with heavy constriction.

Emotional heart attack: breathe in, breathe out, try your utmost to keep the tears at bay.

Wild stallions stomping across those beautiful butterflies.

On the other hand of the sceptre, I have that new weird feeling to surrender.

Why? What did you do to me?