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Cold: A Sedoka

Source: — mediawebapps.com

Slick back turned approach.
No words to spare, silence speak
with that shoulder shrug, poor thing.

Whipped with a cold wind,
ice-kissed lips trembling against
shivering, freezing fingers.

Post 17: Final for National Poetry Month 2015

Poetry Form: Sedoka


Leave Me Alone [Peace]

Stop Yapping

Source: Yelhispressing

If I cannot belch out the guts of my heart

then what is the purpose of freedom of speech?

Should I wait in silence whilst your words knife,

plunging into my rays of hope as you sun down without mercy

never flinching with your unwanted words of advice?

You expect me to respect your reasoning?

Recollect all that unchecked teaching?

Go way, far away and stay away!