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The Day of The Flood

Rough Seas

Rough Seas

Tossed to and fro on angry waves of memories.
Those demons do not want to sleep.
Creeping through my blood stream, shivering with more than remembrance.
It is not fair, why should I care?
It was you who shipwrecked me on that stormy coast.
You knew that only diving gets one out, yet you left.
No life jacket, just a boat with no oar.
I felt you watching from the distance.
Your pride silently demanded my SOS
but you know my stubborn will to face a thousand sharks,
bring on survival of the fittest.
*Winces* Maybe half of a shark,
ok, ok, several fucks, I gave several fucks to you caring.
Please stop the pretending, the plead of always ignorant of,
do not forget, I once gazed into your thoughts.
Remember that time, when you lowered your defences,
well I peeked and I saw what you did not want me to know.
Maybe this knowledge makes it harder to swallow that salt water,
dashing on flickers of hope *winces*you left me to drown.
You might as well ship me to The Toilet Bowl in Hawaii.
All the shit is flushing out now,
drifting into that stormy sea.
Bitch you left me.


Stop the Bullshit



They say silence is gold but I will take the plastic.
Just say something to me.
I need for you to go first and I will go second and make it right.

It is tiring going around in circles.
I have done it before and I do not want to do it again.
I write most of what I think.
Boldness is not part of my vocabulary.

This is insanity.
I do not need to add more drama to my 90210 life.
All I want is to breath in peace but every time I get the lead in life’s lame play.