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I Woke Up Like This [A Sedoka]

Naked Woman

Source: photo of Daniel Murtagh for Magpie Tales Prompt

Bemused, curled in

sheets eyes closed- remembering.

Down south made fingers closed


Exhausted – more sleep

Naked to the bone, hair sprawl

untamed, evidence.


My interpretation of the above photograph for Magpie Tales  Weekly Prompt.

Thank your reading. What is your take on the image above. Tell me in the comment section below.



Cold: A Sedoka

Source: — mediawebapps.com

Slick back turned approach.
No words to spare, silence speak
with that shoulder shrug, poor thing.

Whipped with a cold wind,
ice-kissed lips trembling against
shivering, freezing fingers.

Post 17: Final for National Poetry Month 2015

Poetry Form: Sedoka