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A Found Poetry

Chiasmus Example For Found Poetry

Source: Rudyard Kipling’s Commonplaces via Public Domain

I have tried to figure out a Found Poetry using the Chiasmus literary device for many hours and nothing seems to work. I am just going to upload the rough work which barely shows a Chiasmus example. If I spend more time trying to figure this out, I will get too emotional for no reason, adding  a sensitive situation. So I give you the above pitiful work and I hope you do not discredit Rudyard Kipling’s work: Commonplaces. It is an image pulling account of the sea and surroundings, you should check it. Forgive me Kipling.

I include the other poetry days here for easy access: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3,  Day 4 and Day 5.

Am I the only one who sucks at Found Poetry with Chiasmus today? Or is it your best creation to date, tell me about it below?


Verbal Diarrhoea spoils Nature’s Intimacy



Unsettled, wavering thoughts wandering like motions between the branches of the coconut trees.

Human conflict spurred forth its lavic diarrhoe of nonsense, soon to be forgotten by the morrow.

But I am not one for pretension or bs, please do not mistake my reserved observing being, as a sign that you can toss me around.

I will surprise you by doing a David to your Goliath world.

You, yes you, a bully, pretentious, hiding behind the affordable chat rates.

Encouraged by similar loose tongue. Sooth talkers who navigate life, riding the backs of the unawares.

But I am alert!

My timely answers move quicker than Tyson’s feet during his prime.

I am doing an Ali movealike. I “flutter like a butterfly” and when ” I sting you like a bee” I will send shock waves of panic.

You never expected that did you. The part where I broke that vicious cycle of unnecessary servitude.

I shocked you, hmm? How far down your epicenter did I jolt your ridiculous premises.

You interrupted my intimacy with nature! How dare you!