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Dark Shadows Screams Demons: Trap Journey [A Sestina]

A Sestina

Source: Yelhispressing

There was a girl, eager for life journey,

With a spring in her steps, leaping shadows

Carefree of the dangers of that big dark.

She skipped and danced not knowing the demons,

were waiting for the moment that would trap

her, feeling her core with dread, wait for screams


that would echo through walls when she belches screams

in fright from monsters lurking in journey

with her all part of the frightening death trap.

There they cling to her sides moving shadows

with the help of despicable creatures – demons,

who love the deep abyss of that black dark.


Gradually the girl notice the looming dark.

Her mind trembled in fear she could feel screams

ready to explode her troubling demons

infested frame. What to do about a journey

that inhibited growth from shifting beyond shadows?

How she falls into such suffocating trap.


She feels the claws clamping her spirits, trap

from making the slightest positive move, dark

forces claim sovereignty over her, in shadows

she now lived with a million thoughts, the screams

of these of wretched ghosts casting shadows

eating her flesh, slowly feeding, demons


gather for their usual torture, demons

laughing in gaiety knowing the next trap

will inflict more headaches like a journey

of soft feet walking on needle in the dark.

She cannot bear it longer, out comes screams

of frustrations scaring some to shadows


moaning – like wounded dogs in need of shadows

for a rest in the shade, from demons

circling, coming closer, hear the many screams

their voices, her voices, all voices trap

in a loud crescendo of music, dark

vibrations of a deep ghostly journey.


These shadows relentless in their black traps.

Damn demons devouring all into dark,

whirling screams around – a mess up journey.

Post Four: National Poetry Month 2015

Today’s poem is a Sestina. “It is a poem with 39 lines. The final words of the first six lines are repeated in the other lines, in a specific pattern.” [Source: Creative Writing Now]

” The invention of the form is usually attributed to 12th century troubadour Anaut Daniel after spreading to continental Europe.” [Source: en.wikipedia.org]


Left Alone


It was a cold, dark and scary night, I was alone at home which overlooked Manchesterville. The mansion was quiet, so quiet that I could hear myself thinking aloud. The huge grandfather clock in the large sitting room was doing its usual jazz music but the jazz was quite monotonous at the moment. It was so quiet that every time a rat passed by, my heart skipped five beats. I sat on my favourite sofa in the living room and switched channel after channel to find something interesting to watch but there was none. Slowly and helplessly I dragged myself to the huge French window facing the north of the estate, littered with natural shrubbery. As I looked outside I realized that grey clouds were quickly covering the sky, casting scary shadows on the ground beneath. It seemed like it would rain soon.
Suddenly, I heard a muffle noise outside in the bushes beneath the window. Startled in fright, I turned to run upstairs to my room when I heard another muffle noise coming from the bushes. My heart quivered as horrifying scenes flowed through my mind.

“What made that disturbance?” I thought.
“Maybe it was my Baxter, my adorable dog who probably got stuck in the hedge after his rabbit chase,” I muttered.

Summoning courage, I took my huge black coat that Grandma Laurel Beerch gave me for my birthday, sliding outside to investigate the noise.

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