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Bad Cowboy Shane

Bad Cowboy Shane

Source: justconservative.com

Shane rode into the sunset, hat bobbing along the horizon.

Chaos he left behind men bleeding, children crying,

women blushing, fainting like fallen soldiers, nothing surprising.

Why oh why Shane did you cause such a hurting.


He slaughtered all the cattle painting the river crimson red

leaving Pleasantville in a horrible lasting stench.

What will they do all the carriages are broken and the horses fled.

Why oh why Shane did you use Billy Bob’s wrench


Second week of poetry class with the poetry form of ballad.


The Day of The Flood

Rough Seas

Rough Seas

Tossed to and fro on angry waves of memories.
Those demons do not want to sleep.
Creeping through my blood stream, shivering with more than remembrance.
It is not fair, why should I care?
It was you who shipwrecked me on that stormy coast.
You knew that only diving gets one out, yet you left.
No life jacket, just a boat with no oar.
I felt you watching from the distance.
Your pride silently demanded my SOS
but you know my stubborn will to face a thousand sharks,
bring on survival of the fittest.
*Winces* Maybe half of a shark,
ok, ok, several fucks, I gave several fucks to you caring.
Please stop the pretending, the plead of always ignorant of,
do not forget, I once gazed into your thoughts.
Remember that time, when you lowered your defences,
well I peeked and I saw what you did not want me to know.
Maybe this knowledge makes it harder to swallow that salt water,
dashing on flickers of hope *winces*you left me to drown.
You might as well ship me to The Toilet Bowl in Hawaii.
All the shit is flushing out now,
drifting into that stormy sea.
Bitch you left me.

Rest In Perfect Peace



Your flower opened almost a century ago, in the midst of the first war the document says but the family is certain you are six years older.

You helped bring four children into this forsaken world: three boys and one girl, two of whom predeceased you.

My first memory of you is passing by your home to eat sugar cane. I stretch my storage tank for anything earlier but nothing comes up.

I remember you as a teenager with the same mini sugar cane field but is that all?

I have nothing fuzzy, nothing warm, why am I so stainless steel?

I do not know what happen but you fell off my radar but you suddenly reappeared when my adult years began.

Everyone speaks of your troublesome nature, your eager want to converse, to ask about the girlfriend or the boyfriend 🙂

But I got none of that….

I received polite conversation suited for strangers.

Was I so cold to you, stainless steel again? Or was it you?


I went away for some time and I came back to polite conversations.

Now, your flower has faded, your light has extinguished never to blaze anymore.

Let your spirit return to its creator, now you can dream forever with no more pain.