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Just This Once by Rosalind James [A Book Review]


Book Review

Oh my goodness, this novel made me fall in love with New Zealand so much more [well at least virtually]. The different places that Drew and Hannah visited were so beautiful. The author sold New Zealand over and over, where is my passport? The physical scene sold the novel to me: fishing, hiking, hot baths, snorkelling and let me not forget the Maori culture.Rugby! I never paid much attention to the sport before but the author created exciting exchanges on the field and the spectators watching.

Did I mention, the food especially when Hannah went on vacation. Everything tasted  so fresh and made with love for people to eat with love and think of  the gym much later.

Now I like Drew and Hannah individually and I love the last chapter when Hannah decides to open her heart. Their story reminded me how beautiful it is to grow/fall in love. To allow someone to be there for you not only in the bad but the good. I identified with Hannah and her issues with trust because of what she experienced in the past. It gave more credence for her determination at holding Drew at arm length.

However, I did not appreciate that Hannah always equate Drew as big, not only physical but it seem life itself. When the author used this technique it made the relationship seemed force at the beginning. For example, Hannah is doing everything she stood against the moment she meets Drew. She kept acting and saying things which makes Drew commanding. In addition, I felt that some of the sex scenes were not necessary,eh especially Drew’s weird fantasy.

Yet over all the novel is lovely, I would recommend.

Post Five: Reading Month, 2015