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A Found Poetry

Chiasmus Example For Found Poetry

Source: Rudyard Kipling’s Commonplaces via Public Domain

I have tried to figure out a Found Poetry using the Chiasmus literary device for many hours and nothing seems to work. I am just going to upload the rough work which barely shows a Chiasmus example. If I spend more time trying to figure this out, I will get too emotional for no reason, adding  a sensitive situation. So I give you the above pitiful work and I hope you do not discredit Rudyard Kipling’s work: Commonplaces. It is an image pulling account of the sea and surroundings, you should check it. Forgive me Kipling.

I include the other poetry days here for easy access: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3,  Day 4 and Day 5.

Am I the only one who sucks at Found Poetry with Chiasmus today? Or is it your best creation to date, tell me about it below?