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A Rose Themed Wedding


Wedding Photographs

Via Magpie Tales (A Photo By Ed Ross)

It was a rose theme wedding…


The floor of the church sat with a carpet of roses,


The groomsmen jackets stained with a rose each,


The bridesmaid smiling coyly, a single rose in hand.


The cute little ring bearer struggling with the bands in a rose shaped pillow.


The cake tier in fancy rose shapes calls for the many “wows” from guests.


The bride’s dress sparkled white with tiny roses in the trail,


Even her hair is leavened in roses.


Anyone who knows her facial expression sees her 5% consent for the theme.


Yet her mother in law smiles in approval.


After she choose the theme,


After all she paid for the wedding.



Roses: What Do They Mean?


© Getty Images

I love flowers, so naturally I may like roses. Not everyone who love flowers care for roses but I do.

I think I am drawn to the different colours but also the thorns.

How could something look so beautiful, smell so lovely yet hold thorns.

Maybe roses tell us that although we meet gorgeous people, they come with their faults.

I guess it is up to us to accept that person with their blunder.

Take it or leave it.

Still, roses may symbolize kind-hearted people who are bruised from yesterday’s sorrow.

They are striking underneath it all but you must remember to treat them with extra care.

Through pass readings, I understood that every rose colour has a meaning but this week the meaning of yellow roses shock me. No way, such a beautiful colour mean that?

What do roses and their thorns mean to you? Please share in the comments section.