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Buzz Words That Make You Buy| Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

Hey all people, happy Wednesday and greetings in the name of another Top 5 Wednesday. Don’t you look forward to this day of the week? It is definitely a chance to read so many opinions on a new book topic. This week we take a look at favourite buzz words, you know that key word which make you “yes this one is for the buying/getting.” This week Top 5 Wednesday sums up my favourite types of books to read.


Let us dive into it:


1. Jane Austen

What? Did somebody say Jane Austen? Where? How? Why?

That name is one guarantee to make me stop and stare. Although yours truly is a bit cautious now to read the summary because of earlier burns by some authors taking Jane Austen name and books and turning  it into a sieving heap of nonsense. However, in the past the name Jane Austen played peek-a -boo through the book cover with my book spirit, seconds later: myself paying for books at the cashier sans reading even the summary at the back.


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I Woke Up Like This [A Sedoka]

Naked Woman

Source: photo of Daniel Murtagh for Magpie Tales Prompt

Bemused, curled in

sheets eyes closed- remembering.

Down south made fingers closed


Exhausted – more sleep

Naked to the bone, hair sprawl

untamed, evidence.


My interpretation of the above photograph for Magpie Tales  Weekly Prompt.

Thank your reading. What is your take on the image above. Tell me in the comment section below.

Top New 2015 Authors| Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday
Happy Wednesday dear readers and welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday, covering the top new authors that I discovered so far for the year. I share with you the authors who I am most impressed by their writing style, I have enjoyed their stories and will definitely make an effort to read more of their work in the future. If you are interested in joining us Wednesday-ers, come on over to the Goodreads Group.

Let us dive into it:
Jessica Dotta

A Book Review
I read Born of Persuasion, first book in Price of Privilege Trilogy and I am immensely impressed. In a long time I have not read a book with some much hunger for more. Her metaphors, personification and other literary devices are out of this world. She is one author I am definitely looking forward to reading more of her stories.

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Come Closer

Flirting Poetry

Source:Frédéric Soulacroix via wikicommons

You looked at me with that come hither smoldering stare.
I paused…
There is a story behind that look,an urgent need.
So I stopped
Out of curiosity and an exciting pleasure to explore,
I am contemplating,
How to respond to your open request, should I show
Bold & direct response
Or the naïve school girl charm of long ago?

Isn’t the above image simply gorgeous?

To Have And To Hold [A Book Review]


A Book Review

Aunt Thora is the humour of this story, she reminded me of the matriarch of Downton Abbey. The sarcasm, stubbornness and quoting scripture to justify her cause, aunt Thora held the novel until the most exciting chapters at the end. In my opinion the conflict between Marshall and Audrey prolonged, at times drawing out sighs of frustration from my lips. Audrey so quick to jump to conclusion of her dad and Marshall drinking yet profess Christ. Really?.

At times, the authors ended a chapter and began another with a cliff hanger – not addressing anything in regards to the last chapter such as: I was not sure what time and season I stumbled upon. However, when they did provide details the chapters flowed. In addition, the scenery at Bridal Veil is so beautiful, the view of the river, ocean and tall oak trees. Whoever choose the background for the cover of the novel, painted part of Bridal Veil. I am not to crazy about the bride and groom on there but that is ok.

Although the story felt sluggish at times, the ending chapter placed some much needed life with culprits receiving their rewards and the others their happy ever after. I also enjoyed the parts where Julie and Josie poke their heads into the wrong places and said things aloud that others wished unsaid – bless their innocent hearts.

Another Book Review for Reading Month. Have you ever read a novel where the author keeps the same argument or conflict between the hero or heroine and it just unnerves you? Please do tell me about it :).

Seducing Miss Dunaway : Book Review


Novella Romance

Seducing Miss Dunaway by Kate Rothwell

Novella Published on August 23rd 2011

Odd is my word to describe this story. Let me break down “odd” for you. The characters are interesting, they are endearing with their nicknames, although it took me a minute or more to realize who the speaker referenced. They formed a typical scenario for a Victorian story: a ball, a dashing rich gentleman [Fell] and a lovely girl with a situation [Miss Mary]. However, when the story continued the potential romance between Fell and Mary felt awkward and forced. So awkward that I felt the sex scene forced and rushed. Yes, I know it is a novella but at that point of the story, the scene read like a copy and paste from a more developed story. I believe the probable couple have potential for a novel. A place to explore their sadness and lonely and the readers would link how those emotions brought the two together.