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Intimidating Books/ Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

From my list of books that I read, I take a look at  five[5] intimidating stories for Top 5 Wednesday [a Goodreads book meme]. My take on “intimidating” does not necessary fall under the thickness of the text but how tedious or slow building the plot flow or character development feels.

Let us dive into it:

5. Selected Poetry by Derek Walcott

A few poems stacked into one for English Literature that I just could not get my head around and it reflected on my grades at that time. It did not help that the poet is from my country and he wrote on topics reflecting his experiences and life in the West Indies. I am trained to analyse and interpret but every time I attempted to tackle some of the poems I failed miserably. In turn, I grew to dislike Walcott’s poetry and a block matured. It was not until last year that I saw some faint hope in understanding.


4. Romance Of Lust by Anonymous

A story which falls under my few ‘Did Not Finish’ reads because I could not cope with following a plot with no motive but merely a book porn version. It is an extreme erotica which did not make any sense.

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Unfinished Books/ Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

Happy Wednesday my dear readers and welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday. This time we journey to the land of Unfinished Reads and I share with you my reasons for having 5 books unfinished on my virtual and physical shelf.

Let is dive into it:

1.Romance of Lust by Anonymous

Unfinished Books









This is my review of the book:

***Incomplete Reading***

It is not a romance book with a plot entangled with a few scenes, it is just a boastful romp and basically book porn version. If you are thinking that you would be unaffected after reading a few pages of the text then you are wrong. Well unless you are into people using their mental vices to sexually exploit family and friends….


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