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Media & Race: Blame Them?


The Media & Race

Some media houses  create a divide between ethnic groups who are ready to rock bottom each other. They deliberately pick the stories which are sensational and willingly many members of the public embrace its mockery on later immigrants. “Celebrities” fly across for grand parades fuelling citizens with grandeur of hope that this will be the case which makes our country better. Our society is all about famous people and how they live their lives, so you can imagine if Mr. So & So shows up for a protest how people would react. Die-hard fans/stans would quickly tune to various social networks or travel to the event. Immediately you have a show stopper. In my belief this is what happened of the untimely death of Trayvon Martin. I knew that entire fun fair would cripple a proper investigation because of heightened tensions exacerbated by famous people who thought this is the time. However, tread very careful with protest movements involving a murder. They are either effective or harmful, there is no in between result.

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