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The Heart Admits


When I realize the extent I let you touch my heart, it makes me cry.
It was that deep, levels of emotions dipping into mariana trenches of soul ties that…
I need to call my pastor.
I do not want a permanence but a taste  that may erase the trace of  you.
But seedlings of doubt urge me against sampling thine fruits thinking of a future date that will never be.
Yet it does not stop the twirling of butterflies that reach to the eyes like the effect of pollen to a spring allergic.



Endless Lust or Love?

Love or Lust


He said, “what if I leave to regret it, knowing that person was the one who got away,”

And I saw your face, that same shadow from many moons before.

But she said “when you feel that way about someone, especially your first love, you fight for that love.”

But the thing is you were not my first love and I do not want to fight for something that does not exist.

What is love if there is no communication?

I wonder if it did not work out the first time, who says it ever, will.

Maybe the lack of fortitude the first time around is a sign that nothing will become of this.

What exactly is this?

An endless mind game of forget me and forget me not?

Even In My Work


Remembering You

I am editing my work on slavery and a fierce flashback, overcomes me.

You were there at that period of a major freak out when that crucial deadline loomed over my head.

You stayed up to help me make sense out of nonsense.

I find memories of you everywhere, even in my work.

Can you at least give me one space for clean breathing?

Yes, it is selfish after the fact but even you can understand that sometimes distance is best.

Sad, I was the one who started that rift valley but look where it got me.

Back to remembering you in the oddest of places whilst doing the strangest thing: Editing.



I Miss You


I miss you, no, not you but you.

You who defied all odds.

You who I thought stole my heart

But you did not,

I  gave it to you, at a time of insane vulnerability.

Maybe  an act of stupidity.?

Universe tell me I beseech,

but oh no, the universe does not sympathize.

But guess what, I miss you.

Plain and simple,

No more excuses, not more analysis.

It is time to come to terms with the reality that,

I Miss You but I cannot tell you.