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Self Published Books| Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

Happy Wednesday people, hope everyone is “cool and easy as the wind blows.” Today Top 5 Wednesday covers Self Published Books. “How do I know if a book is self published,” I thought, so I went ahead to poke around the web for more information. However, I found out that some articles loop Self Publishing and Indie Publishing in one and others separate the two. In an effort to stay book sane, I am including books from both Indie and Self Publishing. In addition, I am listing 5 books which left me the most inspired and were heartwarming reads because for some reason when I think Self Publishing, I think personal with a purposeful story.

So let us dive into it:

1.Ingrid by Lynnette Kraft, published by New Wrinkle Publishing. A company “established by the Kraft family for the purpose of publishing their first creative work.” (Facebook page)

Diverse Characters

Ingrid  is probably one of the books I have mentioned the most on Yelhispressing. It is a heartwarming read about Ingrid, a completely mute girl, who brings together the  village of Scot together through events leading to forgiveness, stronger friendship and change.(Book Review)

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