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Favourite Things About Blogging/Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 is a weekly bookish assessment by Gingerreadslainey and today’s feedback is 5  favourite things about your community you use for T5W: YouTube, Blogging etc.. You can also access the topics on the Goodreads Group. I am happy with this week’s topic [not that the others did not delight] because it brings to the forefront how important the medium we use weekly to share our thoughts is and especially how we feel our host site. I am so eager to share what I love about WordPress Blogging and more excited to read your reasons to compare ;).

I have access to so many source based material on topics that I like that I would not get if I am not constantly alerted to posts from the bloggers who I follow or come across on my journey. As a result I am always reading articles or more simpler structured posts, learning about what shaped our past, why the earth behaves in a particular way or how to do simple coding [thank you WordPress]. My heart sings for joy when I see an alert that so and so archives will give access for three days to the public. I quickly write down the date because I know, I have that time to conduct research in a database that I would not normally have access through its portals.  Of course, there are the funny posts which give the welcome laughter, chuckle or smile to balance out the heavier material. In addition,  I may not pick up a book/novel for two/three weeks but I am still reading daily because of my blogging community and I love it! Besides, I get tips of books that passed under my radar but someone out there always word their review in a way which pulls my interest.

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