I Rather Not


Great Discovery: Love?
I rather not experience romantic love
when it brings experience of the ache of a broken heart.
I just rather hold on to wishing what it feels like,
to be “completely and incandescently” smitten

instead of a heart brimming with love yet aching.
I rather not experience romantic love _
I rather spend many years not knowing of a beating heart when you
are near, instead of a crying heart wishing you away.


What is the point of wishing to feel such emotion
even if it leads to many bags of tissue?
I rather not experience romantic love
when it lose its value and wallow in heart break.

I certainly wish I could hold off my heart
for the One, not giving it to the Others
who just tear it apart bit by bit. In that case
I rather not experience romantic love.

Poetry Form: Quatern
16 line French form of 4 Quatrains
No iambic or following a set rhyme scheme
The refrain is in a different place in each stanza: Can you tell which line is my refrain here?

The idea for this poem came from the famous quote by Alfred Lord Tennyson, “’tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Every time I hear this saying I feel the need to object (silently or openly), I hate feeling lost after loving and I rather just not love at all.


Just Like Construction


Just Like Construction

U.S. Navy photo by PhotographerÕs Mate 2nd Class Jacob A. Johnson. (RELEASED) via wikicommons

Stroke after deafening stroke,
nails dancing to the lead of a hammer.
The same insane tune of the words of that bloke,
not appreciating, flat and certainly not enamour.

Dust flying into the air, lifting ash-choo
ash-choo from poor Ms. Nosey.
Not a pretty picture painting like a posy,
just like your words,boo-boo.

Boards, windows, walls, roof-all shattered,
just like your promises – stink like faecal, it mattered
not that your pleas rain like sand
because it is just litter and out of hand.


Poetry form: Quatrain (poem of four line verse)
It has a specific rhyming scheme: abab, abba, aabb


Love’s the only thing in this world that is unequivocal. There are different kinds of love, certainly, but it’s a you-do or you-don’t proposition with them all.

Jean Louise Finch
Go Set A Watchman

I am waiting to read Harper Lee’s second yet technically first novel. I read the first chapter online (wsj.com)and I already detect : humour, , class, sexuality, urban sprawl etc. The quote above caught my attention and picqued my interest in a possible love/lust angle. I am sure commencing next week and the rest of the summer WordPress will spring to life with book reviews. I hope I can read the novel before the year ends.


Happy Life, Happy Wife?[Blank Verse Sonnet]

Happy Wife, Happy Life? Poem

Source:Found on craftaholicsanonymous.net

You know they say happy life, happy wife.

What about the husband – his happiness.

Shouldn’t marriages promote equal, glad.

As a woman, sure I love hearing such,

Digging deeper such concept is unfair.

So if the husband wants one thing, quickly

And the wife wants another object, quickly,

Everytime the wife is the happy winner?

What about allowing the husband victory, once.

If the husband is unhappy, no one cares?

I am no matrimony expert, however

I think this is a cause for worry – much.

Both the husband and wife should be happy.

Happy husband and wife, [50/50] give a little.


I am sure you came across this phrase “happy wife, happy life,” at least once in your life either reading it , hearing someone say it or even said it yourself. Honestly, do you think it is right that a wife gets her way every time she and her husbands discuss plans for their future. If yes, do you think that the husband will stay happy in such instances. I think it is best that both part compromises at some instance in the relationship. Happy wife and happy husband :D.

Heart Change

Heart Changing

Source: gagthat.com

I know I should forget about you:
but slowly I am.
But I cannot stop thinking about:
Umm, time provides a determined factor.
I force myself to stop, I try to block all memories:
I do not have to force myself anymore.
I do not have to push memories or emotions:
I am no longer a slave to those insane moments, it went away on its own.
I guess I am floating back to sane land.
You told me once to follow my heart and not my head.
Did you know at that time that my heart would long day lead back to you:
And then back to me.
Getting my heart back.

This poem is a combination of two sets of thoughts. You thought I was bipolar, hmmm. I wrote the parts about cannot forget weeks ago but a few days ago, I realize that something change. So I decided to combine the old feelings with the new into one poem. I thought it captured two different hearts in a ways two poems would not. It is not bipolar love :P.

Love: What It Means To Me

Love Poem


Love is always God

A deep moving force.

Love could be scary

when I see hurt

but I can’t do anything.

Love is looking at

your bright eyes with

swelling in my heart,

the pleasant type because

love keeps me growing.


singhpiyush6089 invited me to write what ‘love’ means to me in ten sentences of four words each. He also asked for my favourite quote about love, I do not have a one but “God is love,” immediately came to mind. I have to nominate 10 other bloggers to spread love on WordPress:
*Bite Size Canada
*JoHanna Massey
Ms Rebel
*Colleen Knight
*Let It Come From The Heart
*Sexy Celibate
*Blissful Nomad
Anyone reading this poem, if you feel incline go ahead and write a poem about what ‘love’ means to you, let us cover WordPress in and with LOVE.

Safekeeping: My Heart

Acrostic Poem

Source: — highreshdwallpapers.com

Secured from that connection knotted under the twinkling sky on that heartfelt day,

Anchored with a love, ushered by the release of doves, definitely not haggard.

Filled my heart you did with trust, continuity for tomorrow with more gust.

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Endless Lust or Love?

Love or Lust


He said, “what if I leave to regret it, knowing that person was the one who got away,”

And I saw your face, that same shadow from many moons before.

But she said “when you feel that way about someone, especially your first love, you fight for that love.”

But the thing is you were not my first love and I do not want to fight for something that does not exist.

What is love if there is no communication?

I wonder if it did not work out the first time, who says it ever, will.

Maybe the lack of fortitude the first time around is a sign that nothing will become of this.

What exactly is this?

An endless mind game of forget me and forget me not?

Not Such An Easy Fix

Cloudy Day

Source: Yelhispressing

In response to The Daily Post’s writing
prompt: “Easy Fix.”

I quit, I end all the toxic thoughts which crippled my ability to believe.
I quit, all the timid ways to get my messages across.
No more emails saying “hi”, either I pick up the phone or approach you, face to face.
I quit, all the back and forth with people who do not care about me,
But only what I can do to for them.
I quit rules and regulations that infringe on my freedom to speak and be me.
If it means excommunication then let me go to hell in peace.
I give up on trying to form civil relationships with people of same blood.
What is the point of an ambassador when no one wants to meet peacefully unless there is a death or a wedding?
I quit that! Hire someone else, my free services are appreciated elsewhere.

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