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A Rose Themed Wedding


Wedding Photographs

Via Magpie Tales (A Photo By Ed Ross)

It was a rose theme wedding…


The floor of the church sat with a carpet of roses,


The groomsmen jackets stained with a rose each,


The bridesmaid smiling coyly, a single rose in hand.


The cute little ring bearer struggling with the bands in a rose shaped pillow.


The cake tier in fancy rose shapes calls for the many “wows” from guests.


The bride’s dress sparkled white with tiny roses in the trail,


Even her hair is leavened in roses.


Anyone who knows her facial expression sees her 5% consent for the theme.


Yet her mother in law smiles in approval.


After she choose the theme,


After all she paid for the wedding.




My Costume: Side Effects [A Katauta]



I turned – transparent.
Making you raise, tall & strong
against soft music.


This week’s word for Prompt Storm is ‘Costumes’ since Megan[our host] is still flowing with the Halloween vibes. I took her advice and run with the word and the Katauta poem above came out. It is ehh one of those, you have to read between the lines *coughs and grins sheepishly*

Thank you for reading and I am coming over to your home to catch up on your costume stories.

I Miss You


I miss you, no, not you but you.

You who defied all odds.

You who I thought stole my heart

But you did not,

I  gave it to you, at a time of insane vulnerability.

Maybe  an act of stupidity.?

Universe tell me I beseech,

but oh no, the universe does not sympathize.

But guess what, I miss you.

Plain and simple,

No more excuses, not more analysis.

It is time to come to terms with the reality that,

I Miss You but I cannot tell you.








I  am a hopeless romantic.  Even at my faded age I expect there to be proverbial fireworks and violins, velvet nights studded with twinkling stars, hands held beneath white cherry blossoms, eyes reflecting back the dancing flames of candles, sweet kisses as dawn blushes new skies.


A Faded Romantic’s Notebook


Hopeless Romantic (Quote)

Why Do Men Cheat?: 5 Simple Female Perspectives



It is interesting to note that many times before a woman receives ‘evidence’ that her mate is cheating, she pokes around looking for clues. In that case, if you think your man is creeping around then either you are paranoid or simply put he is cheating. I do not know if it has to do with the theory of Women Intuition, craziness or CIA skills [or a mixture of all three] but most times, when a woman claims her man’s a cheat, turns out she is right. When a relationship ends the woman racks her brain, to figure the reason her boyfriend cheated. After listening to my male and female friends, family and myself for years about men and cheating, I share with you my top 5 simple general reasons for a man’s infidelity.

5. He was never serious about you. He was on the prowl for fresh meat and you were looking for a connection. Immediately he used his smooth words and fake profile and whilst you are building a connection, Mr. Mac Daddy grinned his teeth all week waiting to fill his friends in on your naïvety, on the weekend. He did not have hopes to keep you longer than his usual appetite of ‘I am filled with the new girl.’ He is the type who wan to join in everything you do and he subtly uses various scenarios in his past relationship to show how you are the best thing that ever happened to him. Take note, when you have to ask details/introductions about his family and friends yet he endeavours to know you better than your mother, in a short space of time.

4. He has a wife/girlfriend. Mr. Mac Daddy has a main squeeze somewhere out there that he is basically cheating on with you. Suddenly you become the other woman with no prior knowledge of ‘her.’ This one is simple, you are play toys for him. After spending time with him you will pick up the patterns of phone calls and online chats, try contacting him outside your usual smooch times discovery channel.P.S You should watch the Other Woman[Romantic Comedy] with Cameron  Diaz.

3. You are unfaithful. He may not discover your cheating ways early but he picks up on your endless girls night out. He may forgive you or cheat on you for revenge. No sane man would take lightly, that another man is boning his wife/ girlfriend. So before you go out discovering yourself in that way, consider how much you care about your man doing you the same.

2. Let’s talk about sex baby . He is not satisfied, no matter how many frisky moves you learn. Men do not play with sex, if your food is not filling him adequately, soon another woman’s gymnastics skills will pull him away from your sheets to hers, again and again. If he is a very sexual person and you are withholding sex from him for any particular reason, then chances are some other woman is fulfilling his libido. He may love you but when that mating scent arouses , you are out of mind until he hits calm again.

1. He wants to end the relationship,. Hmmm, remember when Usher said “When your feeling ain’t the same and your body don’t want to but you know gotta let it go cause the party ain’t jumpin’ like it used to…?” Well he does not feel the same about the relationship, he craves the insane rush he once felt at the beginning of the union. He met another girl, who set his soul on fire and puff, he willingly lets her suck him in. Maybe your personality changed or he is a different person or the physical thing which made his heart leap disappeared he is not attracted to you anymore. Sometimes he is too much of a coward to call it quits either because he fears you are psycho and may kill him or he just does not want to see that heartbroken look on your face. Chances are he is hoping that you find out his extra curricular activities, so you could dump him instead of he calling it quits.

Move Over Boaz



I know, I know you are wondering who is this silly person who is questioning the beloved Boaz. So many believers like very much the character Boaz because of Ruth. Saying “oh hold on your Boaz is around the corner.”

Can I be frank?

Urghhhhh! This Boaz talk makes me cringe so much! Is Boaz the only eligible man from the bible? What is so attractive about Boaz? Is it his caring nature towards a woman: he felt his heart-strings tugged every time she came to his fields. Or is it because he was an older man with a larger purse! Now be honest, for all those woman who is waiting for their “Boaz,” what is attractive about him.

There are many other quality men from the bible that I hear many people admire in other circumstances but when dating and marriage comes up, so many want a Boaz.

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Love or Lust: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not?

A tale of she loves me, she loves me not

Source: tommy-capulet.deviantart.com-600

“All have been, or at least all have believed themselves to be, in danger from the pursuit of someone whom they wished to avoid; and all have been anxious for the attentions of someone whom they wished to please.”  Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey


You read the above quote and you moaned, laughed or grinned. Be honest. I remember reading an inspirational note on Facebook a long time ago [yes Facebook]. I will try to summarize it as close to the original post as possible.

It said: “Lying to someone is wrong and sad but lying to yourself is an absolute tragedy.”

Therefore, I aim to speak the truth and nothing but the truth in this matter of the heart.

Jane Austen scribbled the above quote in the 18th century but it is applicable for all humans in the 21st century and it will stay true in the 30th century. One moment we are running away in fright from  someone who dote on us. You may murmur in frustration:

Will you please stop calling and texting me?”

“What is wrong with him/her, what part of leave me alone will he/she not understands?”

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Stop the Bullshit



They say silence is gold but I will take the plastic.
Just say something to me.
I need for you to go first and I will go second and make it right.

It is tiring going around in circles.
I have done it before and I do not want to do it again.
I write most of what I think.
Boldness is not part of my vocabulary.

This is insanity.
I do not need to add more drama to my 90210 life.
All I want is to breath in peace but every time I get the lead in life’s lame play.