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As I stare blankly at my decorated wall,
It turned white; it is now a white wall.
I smiled gingerly to myself, White Hall reminds me of you.
I am finding you in structures.
This is CRAZY!!!
When I am online with you and ask certain questions my heart beats in the rhythm of a drum.
Drumming faster than a cheetah runs.

But I am scared as shit because I do not want my heart to break again.
I do not want to hear the sound of my heart crumpling as I struggle to paste out heartbeats that consume me that I wanted to live no more.
I do not want to cry, why should I, expressing emotions that make me vulnerable.
I will let it choke me inside and when it becomes unbearable, I will find me a quiet place.
There and only there will I unleash the Katrina that is inside
Let it rain on my parade, it will be okay because there will be no one cheering or booing me.
It is my parade; it is only for me, not onlookers.
There will be no one to see the way that my soul bleeds, that no bandage can hold its content.
No plaster can heal the wound that keeps oozing,
Believe me, it was not-self scarifications but the art is visible.
Not to the naked eye but to the looker who closely scrutinized the art or the being with the eye of an eagle and the outreach of the hawk.

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