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Intimidating Books/ Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

From my list of books that I read, I take a look at  five[5] intimidating stories for Top 5 Wednesday [a Goodreads book meme]. My take on “intimidating” does not necessary fall under the thickness of the text but how tedious or slow building the plot flow or character development feels.

Let us dive into it:

5. Selected Poetry by Derek Walcott

A few poems stacked into one for English Literature that I just could not get my head around and it reflected on my grades at that time. It did not help that the poet is from my country and he wrote on topics reflecting his experiences and life in the West Indies. I am trained to analyse and interpret but every time I attempted to tackle some of the poems I failed miserably. In turn, I grew to dislike Walcott’s poetry and a block matured. It was not until last year that I saw some faint hope in understanding.


4. Romance Of Lust by Anonymous

A story which falls under my few ‘Did Not Finish’ reads because I could not cope with following a plot with no motive but merely a book porn version. It is an extreme erotica which did not make any sense.

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Judging A Book By Its Cover [An Otta Rima]


I have erred, the sin of judging a book by

its cover. I know I forsake the law

of old but I cannot turn a blind eye

to graceful yet enticing covers, withdraw

that concept maybe? Applaud me, I lie

not to you about my practise, redraw

all efforts to castrate my honest view

instead reward my bravery and review.

A Post For Reading Month 2015 is an Ottava Rima Poem. It a mixture of seriousness, comedy and mock heroic irony. It is an eight line Octave of 10/11 syllables and a rhyme: abababcc.

Do you sometimes judge books by the cover or are you entirely against it, please spill your beans to me? :D.

What Your Favorite Author Says About You by Huffington Post


What Your Favorite Author Says About You.

“We know the cliche goes, “You are what you eat,” but it should really be, “You are what you read.” Or rather, who you read. One’s favorite author can say a lot about who they are as a person. Want to know what your favorite says about you? From Faulkner to Salinger, we’ve got the answers!

Post Six: Reading Month

Something on the light side to usher the weekend into relaxing nooks for splendid reading. Ah, go ahead and take the quiz to see what the funny side of life tells you about your relationship with your favourite author. Go, go!

Just This Once by Rosalind James [A Book Review]


Book Review

Oh my goodness, this novel made me fall in love with New Zealand so much more [well at least virtually]. The different places that Drew and Hannah visited were so beautiful. The author sold New Zealand over and over, where is my passport? The physical scene sold the novel to me: fishing, hiking, hot baths, snorkelling and let me not forget the Maori culture.Rugby! I never paid much attention to the sport before but the author created exciting exchanges on the field and the spectators watching.

Did I mention, the food especially when Hannah went on vacation. Everything tasted  so fresh and made with love for people to eat with love and think of  the gym much later.

Now I like Drew and Hannah individually and I love the last chapter when Hannah decides to open her heart. Their story reminded me how beautiful it is to grow/fall in love. To allow someone to be there for you not only in the bad but the good. I identified with Hannah and her issues with trust because of what she experienced in the past. It gave more credence for her determination at holding Drew at arm length.

However, I did not appreciate that Hannah always equate Drew as big, not only physical but it seem life itself. When the author used this technique it made the relationship seemed force at the beginning. For example, Hannah is doing everything she stood against the moment she meets Drew. She kept acting and saying things which makes Drew commanding. In addition, I felt that some of the sex scenes were not necessary,eh especially Drew’s weird fantasy.

Yet over all the novel is lovely, I would recommend.

Post Five: Reading Month, 2015


Book Quote

One must always be careful of books… and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.

Tess in Clockwork Angel [pg 87] 2010 The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

Post Four: Reading Month, 2015

Maybe we underestimate the power of what words can do to a wandering and even a firm mind. It can corrupt or  nurture you so be careful what you read and when you read it but never fear reading, it is a journey which does not need a physical passport. :).

Books [Quote]

Reader [A Quinzaine]

A Quinzaine Poem

Source: — artneedlepoint.com

I am an avid reader.

Am I a book lover?

Or show off?

Post Three: Reading Month 2015

Poetry Form: A Quinzaine:

a. 15 syllables

b. unrhymed verse

c. 7/5/3 structure [meter]

d.”1st line makes a statement, next two lines ask a question relating to that statement”

e. “ask provocative or esoteric questions”

My Favourite Author!


Jane Austen

is my

favourite author

only from 2012.



she tells

so well.

Post Two: Reading Month 2015

Poetry Form: Septolet: “Poem of 7 lines containing 14 words with a break between two parts. Both deals with same thought and create a picture.”

Would you mind telling me who is your favourite author?

Reading Month


Source: okeideas.com

In my neck of the woods, May is National Reading Month or Reading Awareness Month. It is a time where schools focus on enticing students to not just read more but using tips from reading to influence their overall education. Thus, it is only fitting that this year’s theme is “Sharpening Literacy Skills For Global Citizenship.” Everything that one learns in a reading environment, one should harness it for skills in everyday life :use it for internet/social media, employment opportunity created by globalization etc. Reading can allow anyone to make such goals because it facilitates the push of creating and using the imagination.

Even as an adult, I love reading because it stimulates my brain in ways that no other entity has dared to try. It is for this reason, many teacher [especially Elementary] focus on not only silent reading but reading competitions. It encourages students to nurture an eloquent and articulate speech and a curious mind. In addition, reading improves one’s vocabulary and knowledge which in turn makes conversations more interesting and writing more impressive [or something so]. I always say a nation who do not care for their history will end in many forms of misery. It is the similar condition for reading  – a nation who does not read develop a tickling time bomb. Children grow with little interest in reading may develop little taste for books, articles, journal (writing) and research. The sale of books(both print and digital) declines, magazines disappear and the face of publishing changes forever. I know it sounds farfetched but permit me that luxury.

I am aware that there are different National Reading Months throughout the world. However, if you are reading this post, I make several pleads. Do not love books just as a decoration, read that decoration from time to time. If you are a parent or guardian, urge your children to read or how about you read with them before bed. Take your time to read a post which topic interests you, stop spamming with “likes” on blog post you never read, it is unethical. If you have books collecting dust in a place you have not visited for many moons, how about you give them to your local library or a school. Let others enjoy the stories waiting to entertain and impart knowledge.

Reading is fun, you need to make it riveting.