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Watch The Rapids Flow


Crashing Waves



Rushing rapids raise

rolling , rumbling rejecting

the  big bold STOP sign



Highway to Heaven[Found Poetry]


St. Lucia: Found Poetry

One of the Four Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Feast your eyes on a tropical paradise!

This 238- square- miles island is 21 miles from its nearest neighbour, Martinique,a French department; 24 miles north of St. Vincent and 100 miles northwest of Barbados.

The brilliant palette speaks of the natural beauty of the

Love the land that gave us birth land of beaches, hills and valleys, fairest isle of all the earth

Take a breathtaking tour of

spectacular waterfalls, and secluded coves, to the majestic view of our

magnificent rainforests,

sunset views, fine white sand,

an island of lush tropical dreams is yours to fall in love with.

See the sights,

the volcano, rainforest and many coastal fishing villages or enjoy last minute cocktails and sunbathing at your hotel

scenic west coast, has long been a favourite film location with its palm-lined sandspit and the steep forested hillsides.

Then you soar like an upside down bird, swooping through coconut fronds, stands of bamboo, enormous tree ferns and mangolong.

Horizontal bands of pure hue flow across the grandeur of famous volcanic mountains,

at the lowermost margin of the work, hot yellow bleeds into alizarin crimson, orange and pale yellow, establishing mountainous shapes silhouetted against pale violet and deep blue skies above.

It’s a great feeling when you roam with

cool, sophisticated, with an accent on art, music and wonderful food, complimented by unobtrusive service.

Ride on the beach, or enjoy time well wasted as you loll around the pool with a cooling drink.

rest your mind and body, then go and experience the rest…

…because it’s easygoing, uncomplicated and unspoilt.

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