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Lights In My Life


For Prompt Stomp this week, Megan choose the theme of Lights using three- five photographs showing things that light up my life. Doesn’t it reminds you of the song by Debby Boone?

1. I took  this picture a few years ago and it is one of my favourite sunset pictures. I have a thing for sunsets and sunrises, it is just the light at that time does something funny in my tummy. Hehe

Love Forever


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He Is In My Skin


Source: Fragonard, Jean-Honoré La déclaration d’amour via commons.wikimedia.org

Out of all the apples, rotten and good, my heart chose you.

Out of all the soul ties begging for connection, my soul craved your spirit.

Out of all the wandering minds our intellects vine into a combustion.

It is there you left the fragments of your explosion,

scattered over all my skin.

You sunk into my pores and every cleaner cannot get you out.

Years of separation does not erase your road map of memories,

even when you were my second, my heart puts you first.

This week on Prompt Storm is Free Association Writing, Megan encouraged us to pen something without the aid of a prompt and He Is In My Skin came out even when I tried to suppress the thought many times. To be honest, I hate and love that feeling at the same time. Urgghh!


Kitchen Memories Of a Child’s Nose & Mouth


Source: MomHood for Prompt Storm

I remember when my siblings and I were little bitty and my mother made all sorts of jam, cakes and bread. Gooseberry jam, golden jam, guava jam, coconut cake, banana cake, wheat bread, corn bread and baked/cooked all of them really good. Of course there were ones I did not make a fuss for but boy or boy there were times I had the biggest sweet tooth and a stomach to my throat. I had the taste for the jams and the cakes.

I still remember the smell of the spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves etc wrapping together floating in the air, begging for noses to sniff. Urmm and mouth to break in smiles and the stomach grumbling in anticipation. My saliva teased my tongue fighting out as drools of shame made contact with skin.

I ate and ate until I heard “no” or “stop.” I ate so much, that I do not make a big fuss for them today. Of course, I am cautious of diabetes in the family and rely on my childhood memory of the endless sweet days. I do not want to add my name to the D list but of course I do have days when I crave candy or something sweet. Scapegoat it to pms?

Sweet, a prompt for Prompt Storm  over at MomHood. Come over to join us and share your stories of your favourite sweets.

Thank you for reading and please do tell me of your childhood baking memories down below.


My Costume: Side Effects [A Katauta]



I turned – transparent.
Making you raise, tall & strong
against soft music.


This week’s word for Prompt Storm is ‘Costumes’ since Megan[our host] is still flowing with the Halloween vibes. I took her advice and run with the word and the Katauta poem above came out. It is ehh one of those, you have to read between the lines *coughs and grins sheepishly*

Thank you for reading and I am coming over to your home to catch up on your costume stories.

Knocking On My Window



I remember a few weeks ago reading a spooky story on Laura’s site about a persistent knocking on her(character in the story) window every night. Although a bit spooked, I continued reading the story and even left a comment saying how I was a bit scared, I was not afraid to say. Well folks you will never believed what happened. The almost exact thing happened to me, weeks later. I am not kidding, I am being honest.

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