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Sandy Hook Flowers


Source: Noirfifre

It is a sadness that everyone around the world felt, no one can fathom why someone would harm children.
Who does that? Who can take the life of such precious adorable flowers.
I can imagine the struggle the parents face everyday without the sound of running feet on the floor.
I am sure their giggles and laughter of delight and mischief echo in their houses.
Memories, memories that cannot fade and why should they?
They hold the core of what use to exist, flowers growing in the well manicured set of beliefs and morals.
Someone hold the lump down in my throat and the stings in my eyes…
I know they were not mine but I will never ever forget that Friday in December when cute little faces flash across my TV screen.
What type of world do I live in when kids cannot learn to write their names in peace?
Sandy Hook Flowers, I remember you.


Lost By the Tsunami Waves

Tsunami 2011 Japan

Source: REUTERS/Mainichi Shimbun

I remember years ago  when my eyes  transformed to a round wonder as I learned about tsunamis.

My fascination with that Japanese worded natural phenomenon was a sight for many puzzled eyes.

When I studied, my heart desired to view the power of that wave and my mouth foolishly  uttered that wish .

I am sorry  Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Maldives, Somalia and Japan and the visitors to your shores, that my sought after earthy natural beauty became your  tragedy.

Disheartened, I am  that your jazzing it up birds fluttered away  in fright and warning on that day.

They left hundreds of thousands with no cautionary forecast.

 I am sorry that  your beautiful sky decorated with very little clouds against a faded blue painted backdrop,became a dark  clouded memory.

I am heartbroken because  the flooding waves gave no mercy as they pushed in land, destroying the familiar.

The favourite beach, the shop, the homes and most traumatized loss of all, your people.

Never to see that smile again, never to hear that laugh, never to feel that hug.

Your hearts are laden with grief as many of you deal with missing your loved ones.

As many of you toss at nights hearing the screams for help, seeing the waves inching closer and closer, yet you could not lend a helping hand.

Touched, I am  by that pain, if the videos were so raw, I cannot fathom how you manage at that instant to cope.

Sometimes I wish I could wipe out the memory of the terror from these videos but I cannot.

I cannot selfishly  throw your pain away from a nightmare that I once gazed in the ocean in the 90’s wondering about.

I remember your March, October and December.

I remember your 2004, 2010 and 2011.

I know that there were others in different times and places but my mind pulls on these remembrance.

Not as a mere history post or a robotic where were you when but as a heart to heart vibration of sympathy.

I am sorry that my desires became your tragedy.

Broken Shanty

Broken Shanty Poetry

Source: hjtann.blogspot.com

As I sit under the dilapidated shanty, humming Love Lifted Me, I feel my broken spirit subtly lifted.

The gentlemen ask “do you go to church,” I said yes but I have not been for sometime because of work.

Now I am seeking comfort in the spirit that you implanted within me, Jesus.

I am sure you are asking “where have you been all along my child?”

I have been there all along my King, life just created that hedge between our love.

Letting wild tangled weeds creep slowly between our well manicured lawn.

Looking up at the holes of that shanty, so apt to mirror the vacancy in my heart.

Another day has done and I am once again under the beat up shanty.

Cuddling my body as best as I could against the frosty waves beckoning my heart.

It still bites, it is still raw, it is still vivid.

Too soon for coziness that does not measure the vast bleak despair.

Smiles should not be expected, if you get a few, then congratulations.

Torn between feelings of love and anger.


You should have protected me but you open the way to my hurting.