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The Way You Fed Me


I miss the way we discussed and not argued.

Missing You

The way we talked for hours and hours and never lacked for those words to say.

The way time stood still when your questions put me on the spot

but  race ahead at full speed when my heart sung to the beat of your  20 drums.

Ah, the way my cheeks flushed in a nature blush when the promise of a few chosen words evoked the most puzzling reaction.

Crimsoned and drained on top yet hot and bothered below.

It was that season when words spoke louder than actions.

When the art of a lover’s deliverer  was just as important as the outfit for that date.

I wonder if you ever practised the lines that you feed me

and oh boy did you feed me, I got them smooth and polished.


I Miss You


I miss you, no, not you but you.

You who defied all odds.

You who I thought stole my heart

But you did not,

I  gave it to you, at a time of insane vulnerability.

Maybe  an act of stupidity.?

Universe tell me I beseech,

but oh no, the universe does not sympathize.

But guess what, I miss you.

Plain and simple,

No more excuses, not more analysis.

It is time to come to terms with the reality that,

I Miss You but I cannot tell you.