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Jaws of Death



Sometimes it is healing.

A person no longer suffering.

Death is peace, depending on

your viewpoint angle.

It like a gentle sunset riding away

on waves of see you later, not

that you cared anyways.

Death is coming.


Death: Norm of Fear?

Sunset: Is it death? Poetry

Source: J. Pierre

So many afraid of you, they fear the uncertainty of the unknown but are you really that puzzling?

Some say everything stops when you step in; life stop to thrill.

But I say death is not only Mount Vesuvius over Pompeii.

It is the rest for that travelling heart, a heart which toiled over Himalayan of heavy load.

Hey, these shoulders need a rest at some point.

Death brings a slumber of the never return, alarm clocks are obsolete.

Just unequivocal silence, the type when you can hear yourself thinking and you cannot do a thing about that mental exercise.

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