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Source: Elaine Usdin for Magpie Tales Prompts

“This is the only way you can do it or just walk away,” Advec said setting down the camera irritated.

It was Mola’s first photo shoot, she thought the white silk wedding dress hanging next to Advec was her assignment but she had to model a frustrated landscape skirt with a ridiculous top, holding a stupid rabbit. Mola at that instant thought her model career would die before she started but her rent made her take up her place on set.

Little did Mola know that hiding in the shadows she was now creating, stood the producer of Animation Inc, very impressed with what he saw.

My interpretation of this week’s image for Magpie Tales.

Thank you for reading.


I Woke Up Like This [A Sedoka]

Naked Woman

Source: photo of Daniel Murtagh for Magpie Tales Prompt

Bemused, curled in

sheets eyes closed- remembering.

Down south made fingers closed


Exhausted – more sleep

Naked to the bone, hair sprawl

untamed, evidence.


My interpretation of the above photograph for Magpie Tales  Weekly Prompt.

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