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Seige On Onan

Valette Adolphe Image via Magpie Tales

      Valette Adolphe Image via Magpie Tales

The wagons litter the lone street.

Sandwiched  between  castle walls,

looming in the cloudy battle ready air.

They move at a steady beat their target,

the gates of Onan in the distant.

The two towers are a remainder of their ancestors labour.

They demand its return.


In response to Magpie Tales 304.

Prompt Storm 15: Goodbye


Writing Prompt

“All good thing comes to an end,” I have heard so many times in my lifetime.

It rings true once again because at week 16, Prompt Stomp has ended. I feel sad because it is one of the reasons I log in to WordPress on the weekend. To prepare two prompts for Mondays, one of which is Prompt Stomp.

This prompt stood put to me because I joined early, at its third week. In addition, it made me feel like I belong especially because the host (Megan) made me feel that way. I was happy to post every week and I was eager to read what others wrote or captured in photographs especially if the theme tickled me.I think my favourite Prompt Stomp to read was the Light In Our Life with so many lovely photos especially sunrise and sunset. However, my favourite Prompt Stomp to write was about love, that theme covered two weeks.

Prompt Stomp challenged me to write about certain aspects of my life that I was pen shy prior. I felt I overcame it a bit during the Love themes week. Now one section of my WordPress therapy is going, gone.If you are now coming across Prompt Stomp, I leave you with this link to all the weekly topics and responses.

Goodbye Prompt Stomp. 😦

Circles Of Life

Francesca Woodman

Photo by Francesca Woodman via Magpie Tales


Around and around and around

Dizzy dancing in circles,

Circles of flying white.

Wheeeeee, a hand flew by.

Wheeeee another hand twist in a dance.

Blurry shadows surround each time white fabric

takes on wings

to shift and shape

hiding a face.

It is not a race.

It is a sign.


Interpretation for photography prompt for Magpie 303