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Are You Pregnant? [ A Rondel]


“Are you pregnant?” she asked

Excuse me,” I respond

She said “You are glowing.”

So apparently, if you are glowing, you must be pregnant?

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Ugly Duckling/Swan Like Love


We climb many mountains of relationship hazards but we slide down many times landing on our rear end but the important lesson is we came off that slope. As long as we continue to hold each other hands gliding down, there is hope we will survive.

We swam in the valleys of relationship shark desolations, avoiding sharp edge self-help obstacles of the defined norm of a relationship but the good situation is we defined what our relationship comprises, not the standard of relationship experts or ‘nonperts.’

We will go through our challenges: the ugly and the good but like the Ugly Duckling we will raise to the happy after occasion. We know that all the teasing and rejection was a process to get to the happy stage of our lives.

We heard the opinions of many people, some loose mouths with no sane judgement or reasoning about us but we placed them on the back burner. Instead we took the wise words of many others who made meaning contributions in our growth from strolling—>walking—> jogging traits of relationship.

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A Gentleman


He was born of gentle breeding, the type which offer a wet nurse.

A toddler running around maze which may symbolize his later life.

A teenage life of getting into scrapes, shielded by his mama but scolded by his papa.

He made friends with the lads at university learning a trade fit for a gentleman.

He did not “work” because his social standing frowns on such, instead the servants (he will inherit one day) do the labour on his behalf.

Although many ladies have an eye on him, it is the loveliest one with a  posh and polish character can vie for his heart.

She remains pure and gifted for him but he may give his present to another.

See they take walks to get acquainted at the same time keeping the figure trim.

He has to fill in his father’s shoes one day, a taunting takeover for him, maybe.

Be You


Be you:
Even when they mock your moral compass. Why should you care how others feel about your decision to stick to a certain sexual orientation.

Be you:
Even when you stand alone on the other side of a crowded street.

Be you:
When they try to mock the little that you have but you know their behaviour indicate your superior.They have their riches but still furious at your rags.

Be you:
Even when they are screaming that you are nothing. You see they want you to be just as them but you decline. Hence their devotion to hate.

Be you:
Even when they set up roadblocks simply to defeat your goal oriented nature but just know one day your persistence will pay off.

Be you:
Even when you feel defeated because the greatest had days they felt like giving up but they kept toiling on, so you just hang on.

Be you:
Even when throwing words for you on the streets is not sufficient, so they find your blog to add more gossip to their buzz.

Be you:
Even when you are the only one who believes in you because if everyone starts favouring you but you question yourself everything is still not A ok. The most powerful and loving person to believe in you is yourself.

Be you:
Even when the universe rings its bell, one day someone in the future will learn from you, you can inspire and teach sleeping in a grave.

Just be you because you are important.

Just Like Construction


Just Like Construction

U.S. Navy photo by PhotographerÕs Mate 2nd Class Jacob A. Johnson. (RELEASED) via wikicommons

Stroke after deafening stroke,
nails dancing to the lead of a hammer.
The same insane tune of the words of that bloke,
not appreciating, flat and certainly not enamour.

Dust flying into the air, lifting ash-choo
ash-choo from poor Ms. Nosey.
Not a pretty picture painting like a posy,
just like your words,boo-boo.

Boards, windows, walls, roof-all shattered,
just like your promises – stink like faecal, it mattered
not that your pleas rain like sand
because it is just litter and out of hand.


Poetry form: Quatrain (poem of four line verse)
It has a specific rhyming scheme: abab, abba, aabb

Judging A Blog By Its Cover? [A Prose]


Have you ever judged a blog by its cover? Well, I have – unashamed. Yes, engaging content with its intent to entertain/educate is encouraging. However all that great stuff is sever when I cannot find my way back to the ‘Menu’ after a minute of looking. Sometimes, I am persistent in poking my way through a maze but other times I just salute with a gaze, continuing my journey. Please understand this prose is not to expose or rain on anyone’s parade. It is a constructive criticism to help you help people with little time, bad eyesight and productive habit in supporting the community by reading.


Yes I am interested in what you wrote in your first few treasured notes of blogging. I like going through a journey of your perspective, no I am not an attorney. It is just a habit that I inhabit to know if I want to ‘follow’ you for the rest of my blogging life. I am attracted to good-looking forms, suiting my own adapted taste. Neatly tucked images drive me the discreetly crazy, the good crazy. So does, clear categories, nice fonts (haha) and some colour, yes my dear. I go insane to read when I hop on lane good words on bomb diggity themes. Listen I am not making stuff up, I will quickly tell you, my roaming took me to much more attractive blogs than mine, glowing home, inviting.


This prose is dedicated to something that I think about constantly. I’ve hinted about it here and there in various comment sections or a line in a poem but I was not satisfied until I gave it its own home. Some words came off my shoulders and I can roam easier now. Bare in mine that since I am judging, I can accept judgements as well. Do not be shy, lay it on me.

Leave Me Alone [Peace]

Stop Yapping

Source: Yelhispressing

If I cannot belch out the guts of my heart

then what is the purpose of freedom of speech?

Should I wait in silence whilst your words knife,

plunging into my rays of hope as you sun down without mercy

never flinching with your unwanted words of advice?

You expect me to respect your reasoning?

Recollect all that unchecked teaching?

Go way, far away and stay away!

Media & Race: Blame Them?


The Media & Race

Some media houses  create a divide between ethnic groups who are ready to rock bottom each other. They deliberately pick the stories which are sensational and willingly many members of the public embrace its mockery on later immigrants. “Celebrities” fly across for grand parades fuelling citizens with grandeur of hope that this will be the case which makes our country better. Our society is all about famous people and how they live their lives, so you can imagine if Mr. So & So shows up for a protest how people would react. Die-hard fans/stans would quickly tune to various social networks or travel to the event. Immediately you have a show stopper. In my belief this is what happened of the untimely death of Trayvon Martin. I knew that entire fun fair would cripple a proper investigation because of heightened tensions exacerbated by famous people who thought this is the time. However, tread very careful with protest movements involving a murder. They are either effective or harmful, there is no in between result.

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