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To Die Once [A Book Review]


To Die Once

A few pages into the story and I was eye rolling and sulking because of Jennifer’s characterization.. She was borderline into a trope that I hate: setting a female character as strong-willed but allowing a man to break all her rules by page 20, that she appears weak. However, I kept reading because the book summary looked promising.

I have a like and dislike status for Jennifer. She reminds me a bit of myself in some of her circumstances but  her goody to shoes attitude is a turn off because she is clearly far from that but her character change despite her stubborn streak is admirable. Now, Rodrigo is the  character who held the inspirational aspect of the story. His development is sometimes unbelievable but he has that appeal despite his flaws.

The way Miranda Uyeh [the author] broke down the plot shows her ability to lift a story and explore all its ins and out. I will admit in the middle of the story,  the outcome of the Romance aspect  annoyed me but the author skillfully linked it with suspense which intrigued me to read more. The mystery surrounding Stefano and Rodrigo’s past was a great plot twist. I found myself exclaiming “I knew it, I knew it, I knew it,” as my heart raced.  The descriptive language with the change of scene from Nigeria to Italy to London is beautiful. I could see the boat scene, the bank scene, the estate, the river, the gun scenes etc. Ms Uyeh used the same method for dialogue/emotional exchange to an entertaining level, although all the crying got on my last nerves.

For me what stood out the most was the way the author used the inspirational/christian aspect in the story. It is one of the few times that I have seen an author used a novel to show petty judging, forgiveness, unequally yoked in a romantic relationship without an overbearing spiritual heaviness. She kept it real with “two men, one woman, a rosebush… a terrible past, an uncertain future.”

*Miranda A. Uyeh [the author] reached out to me as part of her promotional tour for her novel. I shared the summary of her novel on my social media platforms because the book summary piqued my interest. After a short conversation, the author offered a copy of the novel if it interested me, of course I said yes ;).*


Her Sudden Groom [Book Review]


Book Review

What could have been a fantastic story marred by awkward conversations, awkward situations, confusing role of some characters and some unnecessary plot twist. Yet I did find some scenes like the telescope fiasco  and  the teasing nature of Baron Edward Banks interesting.

I caught myself feeling ashamed and embarrassed at the way the author presented the lack of decorum of boobs hanging [it was not erotic or humorous], poor erection talk and a mixture of modern and 19th century dialogue. Not that I am an expert but some phrases just does not add up. I found myself saying constantly “seriously isn’t that a bit of a stretch?” Sometimes the story felt all over the place especially when the author tried to infuse scientific jargon [or not] in everyday life.

Second Chance Ranch: The Circle D [A Book Review]


Book Review

I am drawn to some of the words of certain characters in the story. In the end, I called them quotes, scribbling them down for future use. For example when Zac said “folks are always saying history repeats itself. How about history repairing itself.” I could not help but smile, then think. Except for one sentence which left me confused, the author’s sentence structure always pulled me in for more. The way she compared feelings to nature [use of simile and metaphors] is beautiful.

It is easy to tell that her dialogue and plot centred around a Christian theme. The author did not stuff scriptures all willy nilly, they all flowed with the story. Praying formed the basis for many decisions and I am not here to judge Zac and Jennifer’s past life. I like how the author developed the flow of their relationship. Although they were both disappointed in each other, they still communicated. I love that the Jennifer told him the secret as soon as it resurfaced in the story and they still acted civil towards each other. In my opinion, this is the way, the author would convince me that Zac and Jennifer love each other in spite of all the lack of communication and decisions from the past. If all they did was throw verbal daggers and stayed away forever then it would defeat the Christian theme and when the author tried forming an attachment between the two, it would seem force. In my opinion, there was the right amount of anger and reason- hey we are all human.

Their courtship gave the realistic dose of moral. Their making out scenes of kissing and holding created the image of their deep attraction. Even when they wanted more than kissing they never passed that threshold because after all it is part of the Christian etiquette. Second chances without repeating the same steps of before. The novel title indeed sums up the story and the cover photo gives a taste of the scenery.

A Book Review for Reading Month 2015. What do you think about  the Christian theme in Romance Novels?

To Have And To Hold [A Book Review]


A Book Review

Aunt Thora is the humour of this story, she reminded me of the matriarch of Downton Abbey. The sarcasm, stubbornness and quoting scripture to justify her cause, aunt Thora held the novel until the most exciting chapters at the end. In my opinion the conflict between Marshall and Audrey prolonged, at times drawing out sighs of frustration from my lips. Audrey so quick to jump to conclusion of her dad and Marshall drinking yet profess Christ. Really?.

At times, the authors ended a chapter and began another with a cliff hanger – not addressing anything in regards to the last chapter such as: I was not sure what time and season I stumbled upon. However, when they did provide details the chapters flowed. In addition, the scenery at Bridal Veil is so beautiful, the view of the river, ocean and tall oak trees. Whoever choose the background for the cover of the novel, painted part of Bridal Veil. I am not to crazy about the bride and groom on there but that is ok.

Although the story felt sluggish at times, the ending chapter placed some much needed life with culprits receiving their rewards and the others their happy ever after. I also enjoyed the parts where Julie and Josie poke their heads into the wrong places and said things aloud that others wished unsaid – bless their innocent hearts.

Another Book Review for Reading Month. Have you ever read a novel where the author keeps the same argument or conflict between the hero or heroine and it just unnerves you? Please do tell me about it :).

Just This Once by Rosalind James [A Book Review]


Book Review

Oh my goodness, this novel made me fall in love with New Zealand so much more [well at least virtually]. The different places that Drew and Hannah visited were so beautiful. The author sold New Zealand over and over, where is my passport? The physical scene sold the novel to me: fishing, hiking, hot baths, snorkelling and let me not forget the Maori culture.Rugby! I never paid much attention to the sport before but the author created exciting exchanges on the field and the spectators watching.

Did I mention, the food especially when Hannah went on vacation. Everything tasted  so fresh and made with love for people to eat with love and think of  the gym much later.

Now I like Drew and Hannah individually and I love the last chapter when Hannah decides to open her heart. Their story reminded me how beautiful it is to grow/fall in love. To allow someone to be there for you not only in the bad but the good. I identified with Hannah and her issues with trust because of what she experienced in the past. It gave more credence for her determination at holding Drew at arm length.

However, I did not appreciate that Hannah always equate Drew as big, not only physical but it seem life itself. When the author used this technique it made the relationship seemed force at the beginning. For example, Hannah is doing everything she stood against the moment she meets Drew. She kept acting and saying things which makes Drew commanding. In addition, I felt that some of the sex scenes were not necessary,eh especially Drew’s weird fantasy.

Yet over all the novel is lovely, I would recommend.

Post Five: Reading Month, 2015