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Web of Deceit by Renee Pawlish [#MarchMysteryMadness]


Web of Deceit by Renee Pawlish

Apparently Dewey is the superhero detective who rarely ever gets hurt even when he puts himself in the most dangerous situation to acquire clues. Another point of amusement for me is when Mr. Detective goes around asking the most blatant questions with no shielding descriptions and I am here thinking “Is he not worried that someone will come after him when he sniffs around in the most obvious manner?”
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The Mystery of Smugglers Cove [A Review]/ #MarchMysteryMadness


The mystery Smugglers Cove by Paul Moxham

This is the sort of stuff my childhood self would go crazy after! The first read of 2018, which finally left me eager to read more that I did not like how soon the mystery was over. Imagine three siblings and a newly made friend out exploring caves and a manor over the summer and the knick and knacks they would run into whilst discovering secrets. I love how supportive the sibling are of each other inspite of the teasing and the confidence that they portray. The twist and turns were captivating although my adult self frown at some profound habits.


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July Theme Reading


Books To Read In The Summer


For July,I am reading books with a summer feel. I hate summer because of the heat but I love reading about hot sizzling summer romance, adventures of exploration or mystery solving on a hot day and cold night. It will be exciting letting characters feel the heat for me as I read along the windy shores of pounding waves.

Books Read

1. Once Upon A Summer, Janette Oake

2. Wishing on Buttercups, Miralee Ferrell

3. One Summer, David Baldacci

Summer Reads |Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

Today May 18th, Top 5 Wednesday  takes a peek of some  favourite summer reading. You know that yucky hot season where the beach is the best life saver, picnics and the dream for rain. Oops sorry for dissing anyone’s love for summer! haha. I will share the stories where I feel myself dancing in the rain enveloped in a fierce breeze or on an adventure.

Let us dive into it:

5. Jock of Bushveld by Percy Fitzpatrick

For Adventure, Jock (the dog) goes on those epic hunting trips with his owner in the Australian outback. You will meet high water rivers, animal battles, human  disagreement with a twist and turn that left me wondering if I can survive a hot Australian summer on such adventure.


4. The Paper Roses by Amanda Cabot

I think that one of the best times to read Historical Fiction is either when you are really cold or warm/hot. The setting most times falls under these two mentioned weather conditions. Picture Texas in summer under a clear blue sky, mix in a thunder-storm, a murder and two people realizing they are growing in love in a historical setting of a ranch. Ding, ding: The Paper Roses!

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My Year In Books



Honestly it is not necessary  to post my Goodreads statistics but the My Year In Books is just so pleasing to the eye, I cannot help but share [just so put together and pretty]. I normally do not post all my reviews on here because I do not feel it is necessary. Yelhispressing is not a specific book blog, so my reviews are more on the route of a journal. I have discovered books via blogs in genres I liked, so starting in January 2015 I decided to post a few of my reviews here. Maybe someone will scroll to one of my reads that interests them. Furthermore, it is my love for reading and discovering new books which led to my participation in Top 5 Wednesday. I love meeting people who love reading either for education or entertainment.

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