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Favourite Fandoms/ Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

Hello Wednesday people and I hope I greet you with you in a good place on this fleeting Earth of ours. Today, we take a look at our 5 favourite fandoms. I tingled in excitement to talk about the things which makes me curl my toes and grin like a child with their second candy.


Let us dive into it:


1. Jane Austen

My only favourite author and it is a pity I never will have the privilege to meet her in person. P.S We have met in my dreams. Her stories mingled with her dry humour does it for me, thank goodness her pen matured from her Juvenilia. There is the term called Janeite but I do not think that describes me because I am not into regency dressing and I have not journeyed into the Jane Austen tour in England.  However, you say Jane Austen and you have my full attention.

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What Makes You Feel Good?


I want to focus on a feel good awesomeness, something to spread the pleasantries all around. We cannot let the bad win all the time, we have to light up the internet and specifically WordPress [since it our internet home]. You know that Pharrell song which hopefully makes everyone smile or the Smile song by Kirk Franklin which uplifts my spirit. We are coming from the weekend and I thought why not share some of the things which makes me feel good.


Yessssssss, one of the times I feel the greatest is when I wake from a beautiful comforting sleep especially waking before my alarm from a lovely dream. I have not come across  much  better than sleep.

2. Cold Shower

I thank you Lord for water, I thank you for cold water in particular especially after a hot day. It makes me feel alive, fresh and I always do a twirl around my room :). Honestly I feel privilege for that experience everyday especially when I see documentaries of people with no water,it breaks my heart.

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Musical Lovemaking [ A Short Prose Poetry]

Musical Lovemaking

Source: quoteko.com

I hear  the sweet music of a box guitar and it makes me remember the happy melodies we heir together. Remember when you pluck the strings of my hair, I tried to suck in that C note scream but the sound float the room as we embraced in my falsetto. I tried to conceal the ta da da drumming of my heart but even your genteel fingers brought out the ah, ah, ah. A sweet serenade where skin meets skin in a cascade of chants. Pants, as you blow each key to a vibrating crescendo, our duo raise as I show you to your knees, fallen.


Today I attempted the poetry form of Prose Poetry with the prompt word ‘Fingers’ and the Literary Device: Assonance.

Birds and Me


Image from www.fred-london.com

The faint sound of the TV contrasted sharply with the eager loud chirping of the birds[blackbird, hummingbirds..]

Sometimes I feel like my home is smack in the middle of a bird sanctuary.

The birds are my second alarm, when they are not singing or screaming, they are digging their claws noisily on my roof.

How rude![say it with the same tone as Stephanie from Full House].

On their food delivery day, they drop their rations on the roof with a bam, sometimes scaring the daylights out of me.

They stink up the roof so bad that our rainwater is temporary poisoned.

Ah but most times I do not mind them, I love sitting outside watching the wind ride the branches whilst the birdies serenade the air.

A Feeling of Nothingness


That feeling of emptiness, no sense of purpose and direction.
Glancing every two seconds at the clock, the sound of the tick tocking filling the silent spaces in the room.
I hear my inner head voice resonate with such clarity that I chuckled “I am crazy indeed.”
Bored with a strong urge of helplessness, reading lose some of its appeal. A sign that I am crazy because reading has always been one of my therapies.
“What do I do next,” I ponder.
I figure I would turn to my other therapy: music but every tune in my library irritates my heightened sensitive nature.
Yet, I scroll song after song listening for bear seconds and ah, jackpot!
Jordan Sparks sounds appealing, I am nodding, even imitating the guitar with my mouth.
Then suddenly my heart plummet, honestly I felt like my heart left my chest and slammed to my feet.
Jordan began belting lyrics about love.
My high crashed to the floor and I am in despair yet again.
Hey! I know what I will do. I will turn to another therapy: DVD watching/film watching.