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Strike A Pose


Magpie Tales

“It will look fabulous,” he said.

“The talk of the town,” he said.

She was the talk of the town for sure.

Looking like the product of a cock-fight with Medusa.

She sure caught everyone’s  attention even Vogue.



Seige On Onan

Valette Adolphe Image via Magpie Tales

      Valette Adolphe Image via Magpie Tales

The wagons litter the lone street.

Sandwiched  between  castle walls,

looming in the cloudy battle ready air.

They move at a steady beat their target,

the gates of Onan in the distant.

The two towers are a remainder of their ancestors labour.

They demand its return.


In response to Magpie Tales 304.

Circles Of Life

Francesca Woodman

Photo by Francesca Woodman via Magpie Tales


Around and around and around

Dizzy dancing in circles,

Circles of flying white.

Wheeeeee, a hand flew by.

Wheeeee another hand twist in a dance.

Blurry shadows surround each time white fabric

takes on wings

to shift and shape

hiding a face.

It is not a race.

It is a sign.


Interpretation for photography prompt for Magpie 303

Undress With Your Eyes


Undress With Your Eyes

You undress her with your eyes.

Stripping her half-naked down to her moles.

Did she hold up a mirror for your viewing

or was it your perception of what she should portray?

Why do you want to see her beauty, skin deep?

Is it to see yourself or to see her skin deep beauty?

Let the true speak supreme.


In reponse for Magpie Tales 302

A Rose Themed Wedding


Wedding Photographs

Via Magpie Tales (A Photo By Ed Ross)

It was a rose theme wedding…


The floor of the church sat with a carpet of roses,


The groomsmen jackets stained with a rose each,


The bridesmaid smiling coyly, a single rose in hand.


The cute little ring bearer struggling with the bands in a rose shaped pillow.


The cake tier in fancy rose shapes calls for the many “wows” from guests.


The bride’s dress sparkled white with tiny roses in the trail,


Even her hair is leavened in roses.


Anyone who knows her facial expression sees her 5% consent for the theme.


Yet her mother in law smiles in approval.


After she choose the theme,


After all she paid for the wedding.



Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

         Airport Via MagPie Tales 299

I do not want to say goodbye, she told him with her lips.

She wanted to feel closer to him up on her tippy toes.

Time stood still as she drunk from the tall drink of champagne

as everyone  else melted in the distance.


I want to hold on, to feel that warmth of your touch he told her with his kiss.

Moments like this, he did not care about public attention.

He needed to get as much affection he could before he knew he had to let go.

Goodbyes sucks but for now he is making memories with his girl.

Magpie Tale Prompt 299


Alec and The Swing Set

Magpie Tales

Playground Getty via Magpie Tales

“Mom why can’t I go on the big swing set, every time you keep saying no.” says Alec in a sad tone of voice.

“All my friends share all the stories of their adventures swinging so high in the sky,” Alec continues in a quivering voice.

“You are too young and I think it is dangerous Alec,” Mom replies

“but mommm, I am a big boy,” Alec pleads. “You were the same size as me when grandpop first took you to the park to ride the swing.”

“How did you know what size I…” “Alex who told you that?”

“Grandpop showed me a picture of you holding the swing high up in the sky.” “You were brave and you always tell me Alec be brave, Alec be strong,” replied Alec in a mocking voice.

Mom sighed followed with a pensive look. Alec stood gazing at her with the gentlest expression.

“Fine, you can ride the swing today when we go to the park,” Mom said seconds later.

“yes, yes, yes, thank you mom, thank you,” Alec squealed hugging Mom.

Moral of the story for Magpie Tales 298, old photographs share evidence of all the things parents did, evidence children can use to ride the lean machine of a swing  with friends :D.

Bleeding Hearts


 Photo by Tess Kincaid via Magpie Tales

They come here every year around this time. They meaning the ‘people’ of course, many crowding around the designated site with its bows and trinkets.

Some people buy the little goodies just to give to the charities of all the events that follow after the media left. Left for the fresher story but the people never forgot, coming back not just for show but for healing.

A need for a hurting heart, bleeding from tragedies from many decades ago. Blood that   never stop to flow.

Blood flowing when Japan planes dusted Pearl Harbor in red in 1941.

Blood flowing when Sandy Hook flowers screams filled the air in 2012.

Bodies floating like wild sargassum in 2006.

Bodies floating in rivers because of the Christmas Eve trough.

How many more hearts must bleed?

Magpie Tales interpretation for 297 entry.


Thanksgiving With The Birds


Painting by Rubens Peale via Magpie Tales

“Why are you looking at me with that tone of voice?” Zim said.

“Because you are doing funny looks with your face and eyebrows” Aves responds in between pecking a slice of cake.

“Birds do celebrate thanksgiving, you remember, right.” Aves continues.

“Are you feeling ok? Here have a sip of cherry” Aves chirped. He could not understand why Zim kept giving him those strange looks. “Weird”

Another Magpie Tale for this week. Have you ever wondered if animals celebrated thanksgiving or any other festivals?