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Top 5 Wednesday/ Books You’ve Read Because of Booktube/Blogging/etc.


Top 5 Wednesday

Another dip into Top 5 Wednesday   world of exploring books. Today we talk about:

September 27th: Books You’ve Read Because of Booktube/Blogging/etc.
–Discuss the books you’ve picked up because you’ve heard of them in the online book community or platform you use

One of the beauties of online reading is discovering new books in the genre that you love and falling into books you normally would not  give a second look. Thanks to my groups on Goodreads and several book blogs post on WordPress, I read books that I probably would keep skipping or never attempt.

Let us dive into it:

A. Jock of The Bushveld by Percy Fitzpatrick
I enjoyed this tale of the dog Jock exploring The Veld all became of SA Reads on Goodreads.
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