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No White Flag: No Surrender


Love Forever

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enough Is Enough.”

Me: I saw you with her yesterday morning. I thought you said you haven’t spoken to her in months.
You: It was just a coincidence that we meet downtown.
Me: You look pretty cosy…
You: Babe…

Another broken heart, another disappointment that maybe I am not meant for a romantic love relationship. If it happens more than twice that means something is wrong with me, not them right? Just more confirmation for me that love and I should stay at opposite ends of the sphere. The excuses are the same, maybe with a slight variation but the main reasons of cheating and lying stays the same. It becomes easier after the first or second time but the heart still hurts. There is no more ‘us’ but ‘you’ and ‘me.’ No more planning for the future just the memories of yesterday to go over and over. Analysing every detail to figure out how did I miss that red flag, until my head starts pounding. I screamed “this is it I am done with love,” calling all my girlfriends to tell them the great news. Romantic love and I are at war. I have my game face and bleep attitude to every guy who simply said hi. I was bitter, I knew it but my reasoning was protection for my heart.

If I did not protect my heart, who would? I mean look what the others guys did, do you really believe those other guys are different?

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