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Jane Austen: An Altered View



In the period December 2016 to July 2017, I reread all the completed novels of my favourite author Jane Austen (here after dubbed JA). Last year I created a reading challenge, designating each month for a particular theme. I choose December for Jane Austen books because her birthday would be on the 16th, a day I call Jane Austen Day. As you can tell from my July date in my opening, I could not complete my JA challenge in the assigned month thus I continued until Sense and Sensibility ushered the curtains on my JA journey. It is important to note that during my sensuous readathon, I noticed the growth of the Bicentenary Celebrations of JA’s death. I immediately drifted into that ‘huh mode’; Why the joy for the death of the author who gave us the plots and twists that we love?

It took a while to sink in but eventually I had to make myself understand that when many are creating workshops, parties, museum tours, lectures, tea parties, book clubs and all the other fascinating endeavours, people are celebrating JA and her novels.  I have seen an increase in the number of news articles specifically for JA separate from the usual JA dedications. It means that more persons learn of the author’s writings and setting time aside to reread not one novel but her entire collection. It is admirable and I am ecstatic that every time I social media (yes I made it a verb), there is an increase traffic in quiz, blog posts. JA writings are here to stay and I am happy to do my part in keeping her stories alive!

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Lady Susan [Book Review]


Jane AustenIt is of my opinion that Lady Susan is on par with some of Jane Austen best work. Maybe the implementation of the epistolary as the literary device for the book suited the dialogue or conversational tone of the story. Could you imagine if the structure used in her other novels was the medium for story telling? Most likely the lively chatter I conceived from the lines would be bland.

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Jane Austen 7 Novels: My Favourite Things


I am sharing some of my favourite Jane Austen.

1. My favourite to least favoured:  


b. Sense and Sensibility

c. Lady Susan

d. Mansfield Park

e. Pride and Prejudice

f. Northanger Abbey

g. Emma

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