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What Happen To Dreams?


                             ÁWá photograph via Wikimedia.org

What happened to all the dreams as a child, the simple ones to develop a career, providing for myself?

What happened to the days of planning in a journal what I will do by age 25, 30 and so on?

What happened to all the fruits that should fall from hard work?

What happened to 2015 turning into my year?

The answers: NOTHING.

NOTHING good comes out of people like me, the people who be even mad at my struggle. Can you imagine people being jealous of a struggling, suffering person? Is that what the world has turned.

Then you have the ex boyfriend who messed up but will not leave you alone and his girlfriend who is adamant that you are the one who is after him. Someone needs a reality check.

This is not a piece for encouragement or inspiration. It is a frustrated words that need venting.



What/Why I Love


Your non-physical touch unfolded my heart like a flower in the beginning of bloom.

You made me responsive and hungry for your love just as a bee sucking the attractive nectar.

I remember when I felt that small yawning inside, too nervous to think about it, let alone admit it.

Then came the Lion roaring in my chest and it scared the daylights out of me like the sun dipping over the horizon.

I remember when I first met you, dealing over the affairs of History. I was too busy sorting out the loose ends of our project to notice you but when I did, boy oh boy did I  love what I heard.

Like Jojo “I am a sucker for a guy with a beautiful mind” and you were that man.

Our minds dance over ideas and debates of politics, history, family and religion. Our discussions became food, an insatiable delight.

I suspect my head fell for you before my heart, a heart that you once ask me to follow.

It is a puzzle, like Charlotte in a web I wrote my heart on my sleeves without realizing my actions.

My heart cried bullets of despair when I caught how far my ship sailed into your harbour. I gave so much without any discussion of exclusivity.

Your name was always in my head along with a goofy grin when I recall something you said and/or did.

Your stubbornness collided into my stubbornness into a boiling pot of too much comfort with each other

Although time has faded the urgency of feelings your essence still hugs my being. I no longer beat up myself for thinking of you. It is what it is…

Prompt Storm 11: Why/Why I love


Books: Help Me Remember



Have you ever experienced that feeling of remembering some details for a book that you read some ages ago but the memory stops there. Sometimes you cannot recall the characters names but you can give tidbits of the places they visited and some of their family background. Even more of a challenge is absolutely zero recollection of the author or even the name of the book.

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Dark Shadows Screams Demons: Trap Journey [A Sestina]

A Sestina

Source: Yelhispressing

There was a girl, eager for life journey,

With a spring in her steps, leaping shadows

Carefree of the dangers of that big dark.

She skipped and danced not knowing the demons,

were waiting for the moment that would trap

her, feeling her core with dread, wait for screams


that would echo through walls when she belches screams

in fright from monsters lurking in journey

with her all part of the frightening death trap.

There they cling to her sides moving shadows

with the help of despicable creatures – demons,

who love the deep abyss of that black dark.


Gradually the girl notice the looming dark.

Her mind trembled in fear she could feel screams

ready to explode her troubling demons

infested frame. What to do about a journey

that inhibited growth from shifting beyond shadows?

How she falls into such suffocating trap.


She feels the claws clamping her spirits, trap

from making the slightest positive move, dark

forces claim sovereignty over her, in shadows

she now lived with a million thoughts, the screams

of these of wretched ghosts casting shadows

eating her flesh, slowly feeding, demons


gather for their usual torture, demons

laughing in gaiety knowing the next trap

will inflict more headaches like a journey

of soft feet walking on needle in the dark.

She cannot bear it longer, out comes screams

of frustrations scaring some to shadows


moaning – like wounded dogs in need of shadows

for a rest in the shade, from demons

circling, coming closer, hear the many screams

their voices, her voices, all voices trap

in a loud crescendo of music, dark

vibrations of a deep ghostly journey.


These shadows relentless in their black traps.

Damn demons devouring all into dark,

whirling screams around – a mess up journey.

Post Four: National Poetry Month 2015

Today’s poem is a Sestina. “It is a poem with 39 lines. The final words of the first six lines are repeated in the other lines, in a specific pattern.” [Source: Creative Writing Now]

” The invention of the form is usually attributed to 12th century troubadour Anaut Daniel after spreading to continental Europe.” [Source: en.wikipedia.org]

Letter To La Vie [Life]


Southern Street
27th of March 2015
La Vie
Senior Manager
Earth’s Business
Dear Ms Vie,
I write this letter to you simply to ask, “What’s up.” Wipe out that confused look I know you are wearing now. Why are you – urgh – I mean you must know I would pop my head into your mail at some point? What are you doing to me and why are you doing it?

Am I a part of a continuous case study? If yes then you have enough research material, so just call it off, please. Enough is enough! I have had enough of mountain climbing lessons. Do you think if I have not learned what it is, I will ever get the concept? Speak in plainer words because I do not understand you.

You are suffocating with all that heat and very little wind to aid in my living. I know you like seeing me suffer; laugh now because you shall not laugh forever. You are misery spreading your miserable tactics, trying to pass it off as tough love. Hold your method of teaching lessons because it is not working. What do you want from me, just let me live. All I want is to work hard and reap benefits from that toil but you will not let me. Why?

Not Yours At All Noirfifre 😦

I choose the epistle form of poetry to address Ms La Vie aka Life. Yes, I wrote a letter to life to ask her what is going on with the way she treats me. Yep, you are thinking that I have some few loose screws but I have to write out those feelings or allow them to slowly poison. I choose venting in a letter any day over poison.

A Tribute to Woman


Tribute To Woman

Woman formed out of a man yet strong, strong as thousand

Oxens guarding her flocks whilst they gaze at a

Mighty world dipped in treachery. Yet again and

Again she raise after every fall. I urge you to

Navigate through life’s valley and hills with courage – Woman.


I write this Acrostic poem to celebrate the toil of women on International Women’s Day. I celebrate you woman, not solely because I am one but I see the way you dedicate your life to your children, other women and the men in your life and you earn that praise. If you- woman- perhaps come across this poem feeling disappointed in your life’s journey, I urge you to take another step. That extra step may you lead you to your awakening but you will not know if you do not try. I know you have taken so many steps so far but I am walking my marathon as well. We will pause to drink from rest sweet fountain, dust off and carry on. I celebrate you, woman.

Life’s Journey


Day 2 of Poetry class with a Limerick alliteration about a journey. This form made me clap my hands trying to find a meter rhythm, it was crazy fun. So here is my attempt:

Moving mountains mounting like a fort,

dancing, daring dragon drop my thoughts.

Stagnant waters open,

usher the broken,

pieces float willingly into court.