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Books Into TV Shows/ Top 5 Wednesday


Good morning Wednesdayers, I hope all is bright and bookish on this illustrious sixteenth day of the ninth month of the two thousand and sixteenth year. This week on Top 5 Wednesday the topic is:

September 14: Books You Want to See as TV Shows
–With fall TV season starting up, this seems relevant.

Many of the books I like or love are already in  movie format because coincidentally I  appreciate books with film adaptation and vice versa. I am not good at following TV shows because  I am not patient for tuning every week for another episode. However, if a few of the series I read as a child or a few from some series as an adult, why not and I can play catch up.

P.S. I tried researching to verify if any of the following books  are not already TV Shows BUT if  you know differently please do let me know.

Let us dive into it:

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