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Continue The Journey



When you reach that valley of depair hold on to the ropes of persistency.

Even when the rope is slippery, grasp on for your dear life for when the pain is the hardest your deliverance is around the corner.

However, you will not get to reap the rewards of walking that narrow, tough way if you give up now.

Keep striving, keep moving, keep climbing. Do not give up!

A post for Jackie’s Inspirational Thinking Corner.


Travelers Rest [A Book Review]


A Book Review

The story immediately grabs your attention for a ride into a heart range of emotions: joy, frustration, regrets, second guessing, patience and  more. Jane’s life is a compelling read because of the way she deals with her fiancé’s [Seth] paralysis  after military duty in Iraq and the people she meets that summer in Ashville. It is reads like an inspirational novel, one where you get in touch with so many feelings that makes you think about the novelty and duality of life.

The novel has that personal effect where you get so absorb in the story, although you guess what may happen in the end, it does not subtract your want to smile, feel horrible and angry when Jane, Seth, Truman and Jon Paul goes through their particular experiences. It is a novel that appeals to feelings and emotions, that after you are finish, you wonder about all the ways your vision may  have cloud by the desire of selfishness or selflessness. It is that and  something more that I am trying to put my fingers on, hmmm.