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Do you have any final words for the audience? “I don’t like the sound of “final words!” I would simply say and this applies to all of us – keep reading. It’s one of the most marvellous adventures that anyone can have. Beyond that, I could only add: develop and nourish your imagination, and reading will certainly help you do that. I think imagination is at the heart of everything we do. Scientific discoveries couldn’t have happened without imagination. Art, music, and literature couldn’t exist without imagination. And so anything that strengthens imagination, and reading certainly that, can help us for, oh, the rest of our lives. I’d like to say thanks for listening. but since you are listening, I’ll have to say thanks for watching. I guess, seriously, what I want to say is keep reading.

Lloyd Alexander Interview Transcript

“the author was interviewed by Scholastic Students”

A quote for Reading Month. Do you agree with the author that “imagination is the heart of everything we do?” I certainly share his views, how about you?

A Lloyd Alexander Quote