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Imaginary Things On The Wall


Staring At A Blank Wall
Is that all I am good for, staring at blank walls?
My dreams always look real, after a few hours of staring.
More like my fantasies because dreams are for people who make progress in life.
My achievements are staring at a blank wall,just to see what accomplishments feel like.
Why should I feel contented with just breathing.
That is just a waste of conception.
Please do not say “well at least you are alive.”
One of the most ignorant statements to reply to someone stuck in an involuntary rut.
If it is the only phrase you can utter, just stay silent or offer a tap on the shoulder.
Trust me on that one.
Whilst I stare my wall to life.

The Last Straw


When your thoughts are so deep and you reach the bottom pit of your imagination,
Everything grows dark around you.
When you try to walk you tumble,
Cause you cannot see light to choose your path carefully.

All around you shadows shift,
Longing to engulf you make you no longer be.
As you move around in circles
Aches and pains are always present
Now your body is crumbling to pieces.

You are using your hands to guide you.
Like a zombie you are walking with eyes open but seeing nothing.
Fear is gripping your mind; your heart’s beating faster than a drum.
Then you release, it is the last straw.